Fox In The Other City

in life,
there are many paths.
some foxes turn out to be wealthy as hell due to extreme focus.
others almost make it,
become impatient,
and go the “jackal” route.
suckin’ and fuckin’ everything until they can’t do it no mo.
the rest are so confused they just blend in with the wall.
it’s funny how the focused ones become super independent.
choosing “career” or “school”,
social life becomes pretty much non-existent.
the end result is a fantastic career or a great living


…but absolutely no one to rescue us when we fall.
i had to wonder…

Was that my path?

i’m happy to be finally home!!!
well, kinda.
i spent the entire weekend taking care of a friend.
location: the sixth borough aka jersey.

she texted me out the blue saying she was really sick.
i don’t really do jersey,
but she needed help so i was there.
i packed up a few things and was on the next path train to her crib.
ride took absolutely forever since she was in east bubble fuck.
when i unpacked,
i realized i forgot my laptop!!!!!

i actually realized JUST how much it plays a major role in my life these days.

the weekend consisted of making sure she was okay,
watching shows on demand,
and raiding her very stocked fridge.
the latter was actually my favorite part.
the struggle is all to real for me in ny.
she was so drugged up on meds that we barely talked,
so being in this new place felt like a vacation.
one i needed.

it was so quiet over there too.
painfully quiet
“michael myers in the woods” kinda quiet.
not the quiet i was use too.
other things that stood out:

nice ass neighbors
a lot of white people
two car garages
gardens with actual living flowers
fresh air
friendly dogs
the grass was actually a nice shade of green

it made me want to live there.
i want that suburban life.
sadly my friend,
a successful vixen with many degrees and a good career,
lived in this nice home and was alone.
she had to text me to come rescue her.
what about her wolf?
the one i would imagine that had a lot of money himself?
the baller?
the stock broker?
the investment banker?
it’s not like she is ugly.
she is really pretty.
she just chose the path of success.
one where she had to focus.
hell, she paid her bills on time!
let’s not even get on the fridge.


she told me she can get sex easy,
but wolves tend to be either intimidated or try to use her.
she is hip to the games now and why she is pretty much alone.

i started to wonder about success and loneliness.
is being successful intimidating?
does it make you extra guarded?
or, does it just put a sign on your head that says:


i started to wonder…

Is it one or the other: success or love?

13 thoughts on “Fox In The Other City

  1. bull. it’s not one or the other. it often is the case for 1st generation college people, however if you affiliate with people in your caliber and with similar visions you won’t have to be alone. If you are succeeding and those around you are beneath your level of achievement then you get the “intimidation OR use” response. A one eyed man in the land of the blind is KING

  2. ^verry feel comment!!!!
    thank you mind.
    NYC is a place you seriously need to get away from for a while.

    i have to wonder if being guarded like that is more harmful than good?
    i will admit I have become extremely guarded over the years.
    i can’t go with the flow because when I did,
    I got burned.

    1. That is so true. If you let someone in you are opening yourself for hurt, that is why I like to play hard to get depending on the person. That’s why it is always good to act tough. Let them guys know you do not take no shit.

  3. Well I find it to be possible. Just look around at some of the famous people roaming around, some of them have both. I said this before but I’ll say it again. Someone who sees themselves as imperfect does not want someone who comes off as perfect. Those two just can’t mix due to the insecurities of the person who is imperfect. It’s that simple. If it’s not that scenario then someone ends up being used.

    1. ^that is actually a really deep comment.
      how come someone imperfect doesn’t want someone perfect to help lead them to the way of perfection?

      i was always taught to have friendships/relationships with people who were better than you in many ways because they can actually teach you how to be like them.

      you can’t learn anything surrounding yourself with people who are beneath you mentally, emotionally, or financially.

      1. It hurts a man’s pride. As men we want to show masculinity, whether straight or gay because of the stereotypes that comes with being a man. The stereotypes claim that a man is supposed to be masculine, a provider, and take care of himself along with his family,

        1. ^a majority don’t work or do anything so their pride should already be hurt.
          it seems like a lot of vixens are the “man” nowadays and wolves are “women”.

          how many vixens are out there taking care of home,
          and other shit….
          …and their lazy ass bum is sleep all day?
          bad enough it spills over into our lifestyle.
          it comes in the form of hoes and users.

  4. Thank God your back… I was checking the site for a couples days now lol… But I asked myself this question all the time… I know above everything I’d rather be successful making money than broke and in love… I feel when youre successful and wealthy you can find someone just as easy as if you were broke or just not ‘there’. I feel there is someone for everyone who can handle everything thats going in our lives. just open your eyes.

    1. ^i feel kinda the same.
      I feel that the more successful you get,
      people almost become groupies.
      you don’t know if they are interested in you or what you have.
      sex is always easier because you can afford basically to fuck who you want.

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