what cheek do you need to kiss for success nowadays?

when ex baller wolf,
joe anderson,
speaks i tend to listen.
when he looks like this:

…it’s kinda hard not to.
he has a ton of inspirational videos on his ig,
but he made a recent one that made me think.
it was about those in higher positions not helping.
this is what he posted on his ig:

don’t get me wrong,
we have folks who will put you on because they see your talent.
they don’t require anything than your hunger.
others tho…
they want you to flat out worship them for a “maybe” shot.
that’s like having sex with someone in hopes they put you on.
at my past jobs,
i’ve noticed a pattern with those in charge.
some it was greed that drove them to ruin.
others were unprofessional and shouldn’t have been managers.
they all suffered from the same disease:

“make sure you cater to your boss’s low self esteem.
if you don’t,
you’ll be out the door.”

it wasn’t being a terrible worker that had you jobless,
but not understanding the way around their butt cheeks.
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oh, you thought the road to success was gonna be a simple one?

shit happens.
life is not always meant to be a perfect road.
we look at others traveling along side us,
and although their journey’s appear to be easier in our front and rear view,
objects usually appear closer than they really are.
i was talking to a foxholer in my dms who has been going through.
he moved to a new forest to pursue his dreams and has hit a few detours.
because of this

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Women’s March = Success

it’s good to see all the snow bunnies ban together for the women’s march.
i’m sure these were the ones who didn’t secretly vote for…
there were also sista vixens there fighting the good fight as well.
i also loved seeing the likes of katy perry and rihanna in the crowds.
i had to wonder if rihanna had security how “in it” she was?

it’s amazing what can happen when folks come together who share a common enemy.

lowkey: have you noticed snow bunnies don’t call each other “sisters”.
black vixens will call a random her “sista”.
snow bunnies don’t seem to follow that “togetherness” until…

videos taken: instagram

Do You Ever Think The Day Will Come When Things Go Your Way?

000-r._kelly-r.-2cd-1998-vmatonight one of my favorite songs came on during shuffle.
one of my songs that i listen to when i have stars in my eyes and big dreams in my mind.
r kelly is a genius when it comes to the music he creates.
i have pretty much all his music in my collection,
but the “r” album is one of my favorites.
not before tp-2.com” and right above “r kelly”.
he has a song on that album called “did you ever think” remix with nas,
where he recalls when he use to have stars in his eyes and big dreams in his mind.
the hook sounds like what god asks him when life stands still:

Did you ever think that you would be this rich?
Did you ever think that you would have these hits?
Did you ever think that you would be the don?
Have a crib with a fifty acre lawn
Did you ever think that you would be this paid?
Were there times when your ass was real afraid?
Did you ever think that you would sell out tours?
Have a show with fifty million viewers…

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mental homework: (16)

i want you guys to check out today’s comments from mind blown.
[insert “it blew my mind” joke]

it was something to think about in the “fox in the other city” entry…

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Fox In The Other City

in life,
there are many paths.
some foxes turn out to be wealthy as hell due to extreme focus.
others almost make it,
become impatient,
and go the “jackal” route.
suckin’ and fuckin’ everything until they can’t do it no mo.
the rest are so confused they just blend in with the wall.
it’s funny how the focused ones become super independent.
choosing “career” or “school”,
social life becomes pretty much non-existent.
the end result is a fantastic career or a great living


…but absolutely no one to rescue us when we fall.
i had to wonder…

Was that my path?

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