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i want you guys to check out today’s comments from mind blown.
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it was something to think about in the “fox in the other city” entry…


Jamari I did the same thing you did. I left NYC for CT b/c I just really need some peace and quiet to think and re-evaluate. I feel like in order to achieve success you have to walk the lonely road b/c people will deter you from reaching your potential. A lot of people are dream killers and would love to see you not live out your dreams, which is why very people can actually say they are living their dreams. I think nowadays people are very narcissistic and are about what you can do for me instead what I can do for you, so you are constantly worrying about is this person really worth having in my life or should I let them go and you just go through this constant back and forth and consequently you begin to lose yourself and focus. I think it is not success that make people extra guarded I think as we go through life in general that we become extra guarded. As you go through life you encounter so many people and relationships (family, friends, professional, and romantic) with these people that never work out and as a result you add an extra layer to yourself so you do not end up the fool again.



I think being guarded to the point of not letting anyone in at all is definitely doing more harm than good because at the end of the day human beings are social creatures. We need that affection, warmth, and love, but we must also realize we need to protect ourselves because there are people out there who will hurt us and who have hurt us. I used to be very open to but then I realized people use that openness against you as a way to treat you any way they like. I got hurt by people because they had an idea of who they thought I was. When I did not turn out to be that person they just burshed me off. So now I’ve become more assertive and letting people know I will not accept that kind of behavior. I deserve the respect, courtesy, and support I show to you and if you cannot give me that then I can no longer have you in my life. I think that is a very healthy disposition to have.

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  1. What i have noticed on top of this entry is that people dont mean harm in personal interest and gain and when they see a human being with exceptional potential, high in caliber and charasima… they will do whatever it take to keep them as pawns to build there success while pawn goes neglicted… but the pawn has to see his/her own significance so that they dont get misplaced in a another mans vision…..

  2. Nice observation.

    Stay focus man. Keep grinding and keep your eyes open. Stay open to opportunities that come your way and trust no one but God. These are the rules I live by.

    I can have both love and success.

    When you believe it, it shall come true. Don’t be distracted.

    Jamari you have everything you need, just ask for it….

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