i’m not suckin’ your d*ck like you use to

i’ve been meditating,
taking my cbd oil,
and trying to get my life in order through therapy.
i’m trying to be a zen place as of late,
but comments like ^that really fuckin’ annoy me.
i usually ignore shit like this,
but i felt inclinded to respond…

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look what derrick jaxn made jussie smollett do

jussie smollett did the right thing going ghost.
after the negative press and backlash from “the incident”,
it was smart of him to step away from social media and the spotlight.
it seems jussie is back.

so derrick jaxn,
the “self love ambassador” on ig…
and sidebar,
looks like this meal and a 1/2:

“oh hey”.
he posted a comment under a post on “the shade room“.
it was about a she-jackal who allegedly fabricated a story about her braids getting cut.
the comment made jussie come out and well…

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He Fucked My Supposed Friend Behind My Back

i been saying the following for a while.


i am continuously learning that lesson myself.
all energy ain’t good energy.
even if the person is rooting for you,
because they their energy is out of whack,
they’ll ruin your plans off gp.
other times,
it’s some real spiteful ass hyenas/jackals in kin folk fur.
i saw this comment today and i nearly screamed.
it was from foxholer,
on the “I Hate Everyone” Is How You Make Friends and Get Fucked?” entry.
this is what he had to font…

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The New Pussy Ain’t Fresh No More?

my favorite.
t.i. is learning that pussy is just not what it’s cracked up to be.
chasing it.
t.i. liked and made a comment on someone’s ig post.
this is what he co-signed heavy…
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George Hill Ain’t The One For The Gay Slander

which one of ya’ll pissed georgie off?
one thing about my favorite vix-bi,
when she brings me a story,
she gives me the full details on details.
when steven beck gets nasty comments on his ig,
he simply ignores and deletes them.
like other attentionistos,
you can get george hill riled up pretty quickly.
so when he posted his picture with beck and himself,
it brought out some negativity.
george decided to screen shot and clapback for us to see…
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The Journey of The Ignored

Bridge-of-Heaven-Tenti was talking to a wolf and he said this:

“i’m trying to pop off in my career and no one is taking me seriously.
people ignore me and i feel like maybe i should give up…”

i felt him.
its hard to want to be something and feel ignored.
i understood what he was talking about.
sometimes i feel that way with this site,
but i figured i’d be real with him
(and everyone else who is in the same boat)…
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