George Hill Ain’t The One For The Gay Slander

which one of ya’ll pissed georgie off?
one thing about my favorite vix-bi,
when she brings me a story,
she gives me the full details on details.
when steven beck gets nasty comments on his ig,
he simply ignores and deletes them.
like other attentionistos,
you can get george hill riled up pretty quickly.
so when he posted his picture with beck and himself,
it brought out some negativity.
george decided to screen shot and clapback for us to see…

so i get it.
i get it.
hyenas and jackals lurk the online forests and font reckless dumb ass shit.
the things is that when you respond to ignorant shit,
it shows everyone what really bothers you.
i can tell that questions about his sexuality bother george.
he has gone off about it before and we know it’s a sensitive issue for him.
he has more supporters than “others”…

So why even give that the time of day?

he done made the “shadequeene” feel special.
he done gave “it” publicity.
george is too high in attentionisto ranks to be giving free pr to hyenas and jackals.
what is going to happen when he starts rapping?
what’s gonna happen when they mention his connectpal?
he better have his anwers to those questions ready.
ima need him to pull it together,
but until then he needs to

lowkey: it’s funny…
i just read on someone’s tumblr how “a tail must have went up in the air” with him in la.
that’s allegedly the only way for his music career to ever pop.
the jokes are out there georgie.
it’s what you choose to give energy to.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

23 thoughts on “George Hill Ain’t The One For The Gay Slander”

  1. The fact that said all that makes me feel that he’s everything that girl said lmao…..I mean he even lashed out like a Queen. He probably did fucked Beck or some other nigga….why even give all that a thought, it’s almost if he’s trying to convinced others it isn’t true. 😂😂😂

    1. The gag is George Hill, Steven Beck, and other attentionistos all done fucked each other in one way or another.

  2. I understand the reasoning but why comment on that one comment questioning your sexual identity and not the other comments in your page and probably came they do it all the time on your page.

  3. I get why he commented, but that was less than smart. Whoever left the comment is getting their validation from being acknowledged. He had to have known that was a troll. DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS!

    He could be straight, he could be gay. I personally don’t care. Now, if he has a history of homophobic rants… then that’s another story.

    Maybe they just caught him at a bad time. Hope it doesn’t happen again, because that could ruin whatever brand he is building.

  4. @mikey kun: Too funny we both thought the same thing. I hadn’t even read your comment.

    I happened to catch a clip of this new America’s Next Top Model reboot. Some contestant was told to step up her social media presence but she said she didn’t want to do it because she was worried about negative comments.

    If you’re going to be an attentionisto, be one. If you let the public know something bothers you, they are going to pick at it.

  5. I guess no one told lover boy that people talk behind your back for reason because there behind you for a reason just go forward the picture was lovely and so are they

  6. It is so hard for us as Black people to let things slide, we feel we must clap back at every put down, sometimes ignoring someone is the best thing you can do. The longer I live, the more I see that most Str8 Black men or even those pretending to be Str8 are very fragile. They hang their whole life on their masculinity. I guess when you live in a world were men in the majority wont let you be great you have to come up with something to hold onto your manhood. When you are good looking and appeal to both men and women like Stevie and Georgie do, you just have to get use to the rumors and innuendos that come along with this attention that you get. Sadly I can still tell that George is immature AF and suffers from what most of these dudes suffer from and that is extreme VANITY. Anyone who tells you that you mad you cant get someone like me needs to eat a piece of humble pie. Granted he does look good enough to know he is good looking but the constant adoration on social media have Fukk up their heads. They really believe their good looks should entitled them to be more special than the rest of us. I think George has come a long way in his journey as an Attention Whore but he is still giving me Fuck Boy vibes. Steven seems to brush it off. Honestly I have never really seen anything about Steven that says he’s family other than so many people on here and on other forums saying it. Of course you never know about anybody if you are not sleeping in their bed with them. I agree it is sad that people are so nasty on Social Media but if you want to be on the next level you are going to have to develop a thick skin. Your good looks may get you through the door but its your attitude that will keep you. It is so many good looking men in these United States that no one is going to care if your feelings are hurt because some anonymous person made up lies on your sexuality. These super masculine online attention whores as well as the Idiot in Chief of this country need to learn you cant fight everybody who comes for you online because your feelings are hurt someone clowned you.

    1. I’ve always said, the good looking ones are the most insecure. Experienced it with family and friends. I ain’t got time to sit there and stroke your ego. Find someone else for that.
      It’s sad.

  7. What makes everybody think that the troll was female? Gay guys make a lot of troll pages too lol. But that is neither here or there.Wipe your tears Georgie, everything will be okay 🙂

    1. The gag is many gay guys will spill tea about the attentionistos on IG and will also expose them to a point of stalking and defamation.

      1. Exactly! People forget there’s also messy gays who get a thrill out of “exposing” people. It’s not just women lol

  8. Uhm, uh-ruh. The ol’ adage “liveby/die by…” I agree with your perspective, Jamiri. What’s difficult for me is when a person has auctioned off intimate aspects of themselves and expect decency and respect from the peanut gallery.

    Most people will reason that if you will disrobe and do sexually suggestive things for money, it’s safe to assume that sexual acts are also on the table. For sale is for sale.

    My impression is that the constants peeping up under everybody’s clothes to see who’s hands are under there is a cultural phenomenon. Same gender loving people exacerbate it by incessantly ‘outing” people by innuendo and association, and that is offensive. It’s the “constant craving” for these men to be within reach of those who fancy them that gets on my nerves. I low-key have a hard-on for several high profile and internet famous personalities, but I am grounded enough to consider the REALITY that if there was interest in opportunity in the experience, would they choose ME to have it with? Maybe, maybe not.

    Whether or not these notorious people are sexually fluid, into “it all” or flat out gay does not not enahnce my self identity and esteem. I think many who accuse these men of being gay, bi or for sale are using them for this purpose, and stirring the pot. They gets on my damn nerves.

  9. He’s guilty of something. I ask myself this question every time I see guys like him on ig. How are they able to keeping up that type of lifestyle if they are not fucking around with men and women.

    1. What “lifestyle” is George keeping up with? Judging by his snaps he looks like he’s living pretty regular to me. I don’t see any X’s, red bottoms, cute hotel suites etc.

      1. I’m going to keep this simple and sweet. are you kidding me right.
        if you going by what he’s posting on snaps, that is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard.
        do you know how many people that post stuff on social media but lives a total different lifestyle.
        like I said before. if he does not hold down a 9 to 5. how is he making that type of money.
        either he’s sleeping around or doing something else.

  10. If he gets down he gets down. However, a hit dog will holler as the old people say. You look guilty when you address situation in a distasteful tone.

  11. Simple minded ass nigga. Now I know he gay! Why else would he get so heated off a damn troll comment? It’s not like it’s the first time he been called gay either. Just block and move on SMH

  12. How many times have people left heartfelt, positive comments on George Hill’s social media platforms only to be paid dust and ignored by George? Yet some troll with a name like “ShadeQueen” makes a comment intented to get under his skin and guess what? George takes the bait. I can see why some mentally unstable people turn into Trolls. They are witness to the instant attention it gets you by the target of your affection.

    Narcissists are so predictable. They typically get tons of positive reenforcement for adoring fans but will only get attention to someone criticizing a flaw. Easy to see why Trolling will never die.

    Btw, I’m a lowkey fan of George Hill and I think his decision to address the troll lowered his stock. Just dumb!

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