look what derrick jaxn made jussie smollett do

jussie smollett did the right thing going ghost.
after the negative press and backlash from “the incident”,
it was smart of him to step away from social media and the spotlight.
it seems jussie is back.

so derrick jaxn,
the “self love ambassador” on ig…
and sidebar,
looks like this meal and a 1/2:

“oh hey”.
he posted a comment under a post on “the shade room“.
it was about a she-jackal who allegedly fabricated a story about her braids getting cut.
the comment made jussie come out and well…

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ariana grande got smoke for the entire grammys

i was done with the grammys when they played b and rih that one year.
they nominated rih for like 7 awards and gave her nothing.
b lost to adele for “lemonade”.
well they played ariana grande today.
the grammy producer,
ken ehrlich,
said in the following that ariana posted on her twitter:

well ariana took offense and this is what she tweeted…

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Brandy Is NOT Taking Your Nonsense Anymore

brandy is at it again.
“it” is her usual.
being the new clapback queen on instagram.
so she posted a video,
one with the new alleged bae/baby daddy,
sir the baptist.
this is what she uploaded
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“September” Comes For Tremaine in March

so is everyone coming for tremaine’s neck this era?
first it was nicki minaj a few weeks ago and now it’s august alsina.
it’s our friend “september” that we love so much.
apparently tremaine said something in his power 105.1 interview that ticked off september.

a vix-bi directed me to what september posted on his instagram
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A “Woke” Tremaine Is A “Get This Foxhole” Tremaine

there are many things that turn me on about tremaine neverson.
^that picture is one of them.
well even though tremaine was acting a plum fool a few weeks ago,
it doesn’t stop him from being woke.
he always drops good brain on his twitter ever so often.
so the VP jackal of this country,
mike pence,
tweeted this:

…and then tremaine responded with this

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George Hill Ain’t The One For The Gay Slander

which one of ya’ll pissed georgie off?
one thing about my favorite vix-bi,
when she brings me a story,
she gives me the full details on details.
when steven beck gets nasty comments on his ig,
he simply ignores and deletes them.
like other attentionistos,
you can get george hill riled up pretty quickly.
so when he posted his picture with beck and himself,
it brought out some negativity.
george decided to screen shot and clapback for us to see…
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