Brandy Is NOT Taking Your Nonsense Anymore

brandy is at it again.
“it” is her usual.
being the new clapback queen on instagram.
so she posted a video,
one with the new alleged bae/baby daddy,
sir the baptist.
this is what she uploaded

…and brandy got in feelings because this happened:


wtf is happening to brandy?
remember when we would expect ray j to do these stunts?
well 2017 has done a switcharoo of personalities.
i’m actually shocked over all this.
i never expected brandy to go this route.
a few years ago she was so senstive.
i watched a special where she admitted anyone mentioning that “accident” would make her cry.
i guess this has come from years of being treated “badly”.
this is the “character” she developed to protect her.
i can understand,
but she is really doing way too much.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

11 thoughts on “Brandy Is NOT Taking Your Nonsense Anymore”

  1. Smh..some things need no response. She has been in the business to long to be this way. She’s a good singer but this new Brandy Is a real turn off

  2. I was at her concert Friday and she flat out said. “I’m starting to clap back now. I’ve been a punk for years and let you say whatever but I’m speaking up now”.

  3. wait minute, lets stop the press.
    let me get this right. its ok for Monique to speak her mind, but Brandy have to seat there and allow people to talk and treat her any kind of way.
    oh my lord the double standard is off the chain.
    whatever then. what’s good for one is good for the next person. we shouldn’t pick and choose who get too speak their mind and who don’t.

    1. ^its not good for mo or brandy.

      all that cussing is not necessary at all.
      mo calling them “pineapples” and brandy talkin about she gonna fight someone until their knees buckle.
      they both need to sit down.

      1. You know in all honesty people need to stop talking to people and treating people like they crazy. People always seems to want to say “why are they so angry, why are they being so mean?” The reason that they person is snapping at you because you talking them and treating them like they ain’t shit. It is absolutely nothing wrong with letting somebody know in The Late Great Whitney Houston’s words to Wendy Williams “Watch What F&$@K You Say!, Watch what the F#@#k you do”. People have no filter. Example one of my co-worker says to me “You losing Weight you sick or something?” I replied “Just trying to a little more fit, U should join the club.” Then she want to say “Excuse Me then” you right Miss you are excused. I have never asked her when she gonna lose some weight because it’s non of my business. People need to learn how to use their filter. Give me crazy and I will give it back. Just watch what you say and do to people and everything will be fine. It is no crime in speaking up for yourself cause in this life you don’t you will be walked on and wind up like The Ex Supreme Florence Ballard dying alone in one room apartment on Welfare.

  4. I knew she was off when it was revealed she was (still is?) dabbling in Scientology…still loves her though!

  5. My first thought is she’s doing drugs or she’s bipolar.

    Clearly she’s still very sensitive lashing out at every little thing like this.

    I’m inclined to believe Monica is the more level headed one and yet we all know Mo will lay heads on you all while keeping her short cut in tact 😂😂😂

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