Fab Might Be Up Shits Creek (and Emily B Hid The Paddles)

it sucks when you did all that flexing about your relationship on social,
had everyone feeling like you were living the good life,
only to be exposed as a couple hanging on for dear life.
i know a few of those and it gets ugly.
 fab might be up the river in his alleged domestic abuse issue with emily b.
it seems he might be facing jail time too.
“hiphop dx” had this to say…

Fabolous — real name John David Jackson — turned himself into Englewood, New Jersey authorities on March 28 after his longtime girlfriend Emily B accused him of domestic violence.

Fab is facing one count of third degree aggravated assault and one count of making terroristic threats in the third degree. According to Bossip, a Bergen County Prosectors Office spokeswoman confirmed the original charges still stood. If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison. Each felony charge carries three to five years in prison and a maximum fine of $15,000 dollars.

folks reallllllly need to start using their brains.
it takes one bad decision to lose everything you worked so hard for.
i doubt fab will see any jail time for this.
he will probably pay the fine,
do some community service,
kiss some babies,
lure emily b back with a diamond ring and a vh-1 wedding.
mona scott is probably creaming in her panties at the ratings.
i’m not saying i have no hope for emily b,
but she is accustomed to a certain lifestyle that fab gives.
unless she gets some celeb clients to style this month…

okay then.

lowkey: some of his hardcore fans are still supporting him too.

article cc: hiphop dx

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

3 thoughts on “Fab Might Be Up Shits Creek (and Emily B Hid The Paddles)

  1. Anybody that can read body language in pics or with any common sense. Can see a mile away that it was trouble in this union. Emily hardly ever smiled in pics with Fab. They almost always looked uncomfortable.

    Btw Fab has always been my favorite styled rapper. He never misses.

  2. Their relationship is so toxic and should have ended years ago. Fabulous has done Emily wrong so many times for years. As you said, he will avoid prison time, but I think he needs to go. He’s just trash.

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