Bow Wow Is Lost In “EDICIUS”

bow wow,
or shad moss (i don’t know anymore),
has been going through some thangs.
he posted this:

…and came out with this video for “emotional”:

…so everyone is assuming something is going on with him.
he is coming out with a new album and it has an interesting name/logic.
this is what he had to tweet


didn’t he re-invent when he changed his name back to “shad moss”?
i don’t think we need another bow wow record.
we have tons and they aren’t really poppin’.
if he wants to continue in music,
he needs to find a protege (a la justin bieber) and build their career.
that way he can make money and be involved in music.
i think he is about done with the music thing.
bow wow just seems lost.
he’s trying to shed all this skin because i don’t think he knows who he is.
i’d rather see him acting,
he’s a really good actor and he should continue with that.
i loved him in “lottery ticket” and that one madea movie.
i could see him in a show like “atlanta” or a black male “insecure”.
he needs to get it together.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Bow Wow Is Lost In “EDICIUS””

  1. Shad seems to be struggling to accept that he has no real legacy in hip hop. Even Pitbull and Flor Rida will have bigger legacies. He was just a mere teen idol with throwaway rap tunes. He probably could just transition into other ventures, but now he is on this campaign to convince others (and himself) that his music meant more than it did.

    1. This has to be one of the most accurate comments that I have seen regarding Bow Wow. Now because the consensus is that he has become a laughing stock, people are trying to rewrite history and call him a “legend” or whatever. Yes sure, he has had his made his numbers and had a good run with the kids for the first half of the last decade but to try and make it seem like he has a major legacy in hip hop just because he was affiliated with Snoop (who was affiliated with Death Row) is a huge stretch.

      Bow Wow’s main catalogue mainly resonated with kids back in the early 2000s. But that’s about it. Now because those kids in the early 2000s are pretty much adults now, his fan base has dwindled. It’s tough but he has had his run.

      I do agree that he should venture onto something else just to save face because music is a different time now and most people do not look at him as a rap icon. I think because he was introduced to the world as a rapper is the main reason why he is struggling to let go, but yeah the music thing is a “dud” at this point.

  2. All this little midget can do for me is drop dem draws and show me dat azz. I ain’t trying to hear nuffin else he’s got to say. He’s annoying af but I would still smash it to smithereens 😗

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