“Danger Dick”: The 50 and Aunt Viv Chapter

i don’t ever want to meet a wolf like this.
well i think i nearly did.
nothing worst than someone getting into your head and have sprung af.
various reasons like:

his mind blowing sex
your loneliness
his mind games
your biological clock ticking
his way with words
your kind nature
his hot/cold attitude
your lack of self love/worth

…and then you’re wrapped up like a fox with an anaconda.
50 and vivica a. fox strike me as that type.
so aunt viv has a new book out called “everyday i’m hustling”.
in the book,
she has a whole chapter on her past relationship with 50.
this is what she had to tell “build series” about it…

now i love me some aunt viv,
but she is always talking about him.
she was dragging him one minute and now she’s praising him.
i can’t keep up.
on his end,
it seems like he doesn’t respect her.

it’s a “when i need her” type of situation.

does he respect anyone?
i can’t and won’t judge tho.
some males are good at getting you all caught up in their shit.
everyone will laugh and make jokes at her,
but it can happen to the best of us.
don’t sleep on some of these narcs or socio/psychopaths.

i wish aunt viv well.
her new book,
everyday i’m hustling“,
is in stores now.

lowkey: it’s bad when they have jail bird bawdy like 50…

an alleged actress he fucked said he was fuckin her brains out.
he looks like the type.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on ““Danger Dick”: The 50 and Aunt Viv Chapter”

  1. Chi….she mystified by that chocolate. That’s how day melanin be Poppin…Didn’t she lick his booty…🤔

  2. Vivica is just trying to sell a book. She knows this will get her book attention. Vivica is a veteran in the business that started WAY before anyone even knew who 50 was. She knows how to get publicity.

    Also what’s wrong with having a love of your life? She’s just showing she’s human.

  3. I understand. Once a man gets into your head! He is there for ever, even though you move on. I could fall for him or his type, Something about that love never leaves you mind completely! I wish her well because she is a survivor.
    I really like that cut you posted. ” Do You Think About Me.”

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