is britney the clown that is coming back to munch on justin timberlake?

when jackals hurt and break you,
and you start speaking up in the future about their mistreatment…

…they want to scream that “we should move on and leave things in the past?”

nah bitch,
your day of reckoning is here and vengeance is mine.
justin timberlake did some real fucked up shit to britney spears in the past.
many of us were there to witness it.
as he rose,
she started to fall.
she is addressing all in her memoir,
the woman in me“.
as she is midly dragging him bald with her past experiences with him.
he allegedly wants to ( x keep it all in the past ) but brits a-coming.
she a-coming…

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who is ready for the “b-boy blues” trailer? (yup, we are)

i’ve been waiting for the trailer for “b-boy blues“,
the book from james earl hardy,
to drop.
oh hey,
thomas mackie…

i’m always excited to watch stuff about black gay love.
we are seeing so much black straight love stories these days,
i’m really happy to see stories about the way we love.
the foxhole hit me up once the trailer was released and…

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to be a baller wolf and a virgin too? (protect this man)

“they still make those?”
that was the first thought in my brain.
when i think of purity,
i never think of that for a baller wolf,
no matter the league.
baller wolves can get sex just by showing up.
i usually think nasty,
“i can’t take it anymore” sex with some minor cuddling after.
kinda just turned myself on there.
tyler lockett from the seattle seahawks,
at all.
matta fact,
he revealed something that may have you shocked.
a foxholer sent me this and well…

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the alleged bisexual stylings of r. kelly?

uh huh…
r. kelly been so off my radar that i didn’t even know he had a book out.
not a book that he wrote,
but a book written by one of his alleged victims.
the book is called “sex me: confessions of daddy’s little freak”.

i didn’t know r. kelly was an alleged bisexual either.
this was tweeted that flew down my timeline

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“Danger Dick”: The 50 and Aunt Viv Chapter

i don’t ever want to meet a wolf like this.
well i think i nearly did.
nothing worst than someone getting into your head and have sprung af.
various reasons like:

his mind blowing sex
your loneliness
his mind games
your biological clock ticking
his way with words
your kind nature
his hot/cold attitude
your lack of self love/worth

…and then you’re wrapped up like a fox with an anaconda.
50 and vivica a. fox strike me as that type.
so aunt viv has a new book out called “everyday i’m hustling”.
in the book,
she has a whole chapter on her past relationship with 50.
this is what she had to tell “build series” about it…
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Caitlyn Jenner Has A Secret She Wants To Share

your favorite glorified cross dresser,
caitlyn jenner
*looks side to side with the “don’t front” face at the foxhole*
*adds an eye roll/screw face combo for a finishing touch*

…is coming out with her memoirs.
it’s called “the secrets of my life”.
i guess she will tell us just when she had an interest in her wives clothes.
she releases a video with the book cover on her ig and well…
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