to be a baller wolf and a virgin too? (protect this man)

“they still make those?”
that was the first thought in my brain.
when i think of purity,
i never think of that for a baller wolf,
no matter the league.
baller wolves can get sex just by showing up.
i usually think nasty,
“i can’t take it anymore” sex with some minor cuddling after.
kinda just turned myself on there.
tyler lockett from the seattle seahawks,
at all.
matta fact,
he revealed something that may have you shocked.
a foxholer sent me this and well…

Seattle Seahawks star, Tyler Lockett may be muscular, sexy and have lots of ladies screaming his name, but he says he’s still saving himself for marriage.

Lockett, 27, has his love on lockdown and admits in a new book of poems titled, Reflections, that he’s still a virgin, according to The Jasmine Brand.

“I have a girlfriend and she understands what I’m about and loves God as well. She’s cool with being able to wait until marriage. So, for me, as long as somebody understands what they’re getting into and respects it, that’s all that matters.”

“I never thought I would do a poetry book, to be honest. It really means a lot to me. I found out that the best way to be able to help somebody is to talk about yourself. One of the things I have in there in the introduction is if you talk about somebody else’s scars, they feel like they’re the victim and they feel like you’re coming at them. But if you talk about yourself and share your own scars, they’ll listen more and the conversation becomes more transparent.”

he went on russell wilson’s podcast to plug his book:


i love how he has a “daddy” dad cap on in this interview.

you know if russell is backing him,
this is probably a big deal.
as you know,
russell and ciara waited until marriage to consummate.
i applaud those who choose to remain virgins tho.
we live in a hook up culture that does more harm than good.
i know it must get hard af,
but it takes a lot of strength to not cum up off the privates.
when you’re a baller wolf,
with temptation everywhere,
i know it must mean praying for the strength.
i’ll allow it,
but i had to wonder…

If folks ever found out that Tyler slipped up and landed in some guts,
would they judge him harshly?

i feel when when you claim to do certain things,
you have to follow it through.
i hope he doesn’t slip,
but God forbid he does…

I’ll still applaud him for lasting that long

check out tyler’s book “reflections”: here

videos cc: instagram

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

25 thoughts on “to be a baller wolf and a virgin too? (protect this man)”

      1. Yeah…Russell and Ciara were fuckin like rabbits BEFORE they got married. They can kill that BS. LOL
        Kinda reminds me back in the day how Justin and Britney were claiming they were not having sex, meanwhile they were fuckin all over the hotel rooms! LOL
        Now this Tyler dude may be truly a virgin and saving himself for marraige, so as not to catch a disease from the thots throwing themselves at his wallet…I mean, him!

  1. I’m so lost I remember when that was called personal and was between you and your god and who when why is no one fucking business and further more I’m like what’s the big deal I wish I still was you dont miss what you never had

  2. Wow, I think he’s doing a good thing by saving himself for the one he deems to be the right one. I have to admit we live in such an oversexed society there is only so much sex you can have before you tap out so I commend him for that, but I have to be honest I don’t see why this would be such a big deal it’s a personal choice it doesn’t make him any better or any worse so to each their own I can’t imagine still being a virgin sex is great its truly a gift from the creator and I love it with a passion.

  3. I think he’s living in some fantasy world where he believes virginity is sacred, which is rooted from Virgin Mary teachings….we not gonna get on that and her other kids afterwards her virgin title..🤨

    I wanna know why do people seek validation for everything? He may not be doing it intentionally (I hope) but he’s coming off a bit as an attentionisto. While the people on the show think this is cute or Noble. I just find it rather pointless.

    Waiting till marriage doesn’t make it any more special than someone who had sex when they were in college. I waited a looooooooooong time to actually have sex tbh…but for me, I felt like preserving one’s virginity was special. I was sorta taught that. Little did I know that this is a false teaching of course.

    Whether you hold it or not, people all over are still gonna be having sex and continuing our species regardless.

    Did he masturbate ever? I don’t want no one up here telling me they saving themselves for special purposes but been getting Charmin wipes pregnant for years.

    Masturbation is not penetration but is still spilling the seed so if he didn’t masturbate as well in all those 27 years, I applaud him in a way sorta…idk.

    Masturbation in moderation is healthy, so is sex, both which lead to healthy benefits physically or mentally.

    Is his girlfriend still a virgin too?

    I am being a little harsh on him tho. I think he’s cute and has a good outlook. But Maybe if he got a little p****y it might put some more bass in his voice? I’m sorry I could resist, it’s Friday.

    Anyways, I liked his intro. I was really feeling it. Might look into his book if it’s a reasonable price. He’s adorable & looks like he’d make a good hubby but if he cheats on his wife, I will come after him with harsh words…😤

    I do agree with him about having sex with someone you find special, however, and I had to really think about this, what if everyone is not about that life? I know quite a few people in this world I click with, not just one.

    My rule is this. Enjoy sex with whoever you want, whenever you want. As long as you are safe and not actively seeking out to hurt others.

    1. I agree with you wholeheartedly. As a virgin myself it is definitely not by choice in fact he and I are the same age and it’s driving me mad. I’m ugly(according to societal standards) that’s my issue. he dont have that problem clearly(although we all ugly to somebody) so I really don’t get the whole wait until marriage thing especially from sm1 like him and honestly I do NOT believe him at all. I think he’s done it and is gonna pretend otherwise

      1. He probably could be doing this as a publicity stunt to get more people to buy the book. Women are the biggest consumers of books. You know they love men like this. It also makes him more attractive to them because he seems like a dream catch in their Cinderella thinking complex.

        I think you should keep trying if you’re actively looking for a partner. There are billions of people on this Earth, so you never know who you might run into one day. Always be confident every day (in case you run into that person one day). It took me years to find out but confidence adds a lot of sexy points to people. I was talking about racism at a festival one time and I could feel the energy flowing off me as I spoke. I had my head held high, my voice was direct and I wasn’t haven’t it.

        Idk who it was but someone left their number at my booth in a paper with “Call me” and a smiley face. Of course I didn’t since I’m taken but the point is that the more you expose yourself and present your self, someone is gonna notice and they are gonna like it for sure. Everyone might not like you but someone def will notice you and be like, I wanna piece of that.

        I think I see the same thing on here. When we see posts about men who are confident in themselves they become more attractive, like Odell. Some people don’t find him attractive but some due and his aura of confidence adds to that. If I see a confident man in life,I think he is confident in all spectrums of his life, including the bedroom! Lmao

      2. Dear JimmyDean16, the next time you go to a city with a gay bathhouse or gay sex club (New York Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, San Diego, Miami, overseas, etc.), find out where it is, and please check it out. If you are 27 and a gay man, you can find a bathhouse where more than likely there is a man or men who will have sex with you. There will be men of all sizes, races, ages, etc. They may not look like your ideal man, but they also may be attractive in ways you did not expect, and they are there for sex. You can have safe sex (they provide condoms and lube) or very safe sex (just masturbate without interacting directly), and you can be sure you will not be attacked, photographed, etc. But do not let the lack of sex make you mad; if you can save up funds, please do so, then take a bus, plane, train, or even drive to a city with a gay bathhouse, so that you do not have to remain a virgin if you do not want to. If you do, that is another matter.

  4. Its 2019! Sex teaches you a lot about the human species & most importantly YOURSELF! You don’t have to be a hoe but there’s nothing wrong with experimenting, but you can’t be talking about Godly principles when you’re out here living with your girlfriend, not wife, eating seafood etc. but most Christians pick & choose what they deem as Godly.

    It’d be miserable to save yourself for someone then find out they’re terrible and be stuck in a marriage based on Your God’s teachings!

  5. I have always liked Tyler and I give him credit for being able to be strong enough to not give in. He may have a girlfriend, but I know he has been tested in the past by the groupies.

  6. I’m sorry he’s full of NOISE lol Consenting adults have desires and urges that need to be satisfied. I do not believe for a sec Tyler is a virgin…born again virgin perhaps

    1. Yall are projecting like hell! Just say yall can’t do it because you lack discipline, focus and ruled by your hormones. Not everyone is… and it’s ok. The fact yall in here calling him a liar staight out as if yall fucked him is hilarious.

  7. All I’ll say is, a very few people can drive a car or truck like pros the first time they set foot in one, but most of us need practice, with turning, parking, driving on the highway, dealing with people who drive like maniacs, etc.

    Sex is similar. And if you are a virgin marrying a virgin, and neither one of you figures out how to have good sex, let alone great sex, the marriage could be doomed. Ask any divorce lawyer and they’ll tell you that sexual incompatibility, sexual affairs, etc. are among the leading causes, along with financial problems, of breakups.

    I’m not saying this is going to happen to this brother, but that “saving” yourself stuff is a bit wack. Christ never said do this anywhere in the Four Gospels. Also, he sounds like he might have some sugar in that tank. But you know, each to his own.

    1. ^there are people who have literally fucked the brains out of each other’s heads and are headed to divorce.
      sex is one piece to a very large pie.
      people can fuck folks their aren’t attracted to and make the other person feel like the sexiest person alive.

      you should have some knowledge of sex,
      and please know your way around the erogenous zones,
      but sex is truly hyped up and doesn’t guarantee a great relationship.

      most of the gays fuck like animals and are alone.

      1. Are “most of the gays” alone? I mean, I keep hearing this, but I see many gay–Black gay–people together. Some for a short time, but many for years. It’s possible. Sex is part of the mix. But if a gay or bi person not comfortable with themselves or is always trying to shoot his/their shot with someone better or trying to mimic hetero relationships, etc., it’s not going to work.

        BTW: I hope you highlight the brother down in ATL whose photo of him kissing his boyfriend went viral. They are not muscle wolves or the kinds of IG attentionistas who usually get play, but as the brotha said, he was living in the closet for years and deeply unhappy, and has found the right man for him, and is experiencing real joy. This doesn’t get shared or shown enough.

        Back to sex, I think my point wasn’t clear. I didn’t say that sex guaranteed a great relationship, but no knowledge of it at all, and a rigid idea about virginity etc. in this society often leads to problems. This man presumably is hetero, not a gay person. And if you talk to anyone who provides counseling to hetero married people, or to a divorce lawyer who deals with the afterrmath of hetero marriage break ups, which often involve children’s needs, etc., they will tell you that sex-related issues are often involved. That’s all I’m saying. Not that sex is the only issue, but it can be a major one for hetero couples.

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