oh, so this is t.i. biggest blunder?

i remember when t.i. first hit the scene,
i thought he soooooooo fine.
“whatever you like” always did for me:

of course,
he started opening his mouth and the dumbest shit would fly out.
he would pull up his thesaurus app just to sound smart.
the way he would allegedly treat tiny was gross to me too.
he fooled many with “t.i. and tiny: the hustle” reality show,
but i continued to peep game with him.
when he debuted iggy as his artist,
all i could think was:

“Oh great!
Two insufferables trying to make ‘fetch’ happen.
What did we do to deserve this?

he was so extra about it.
he was trying to prove she was this talented rap-stress.
i still get a good laugh at this:



so when i read he fixed his mouth to say

I’m still actively looking for another female rapper who can undo the blunder of Iggy Azalea. That is the tarnish of my legacy as far as being a music executive is concerned. To me, this is like when Michael Jordan went to play baseball.”

i remember when he use to go in attack mode just for her.
now that she isn’t poppin’,
he’s gonna pelt her under the bus?
that’s a little fucked up,
i mean he isn’t loyal to his wife so we shouldn’t be surprised.
iggy allegedly tweeted and deleted:

i actually agree with her.
he blundered his career a long time ago with his scandals and tom foolery.
this viral tweet sums it up nicely:

i had to ask myself too…

“What legacy?”

it might be only this track:


i think i heard him on a feature the other day.
if it was him,
his verse was about allegedly cheating on his wife.
something about he fucked vixens real good in his past,
so his karma is someone coming and fuckin’ him real good.
some shit he was saying.

it wasn’t memorable as you can tell.
t.i. seems to have a grand sense of self.
their falls are usually the hardest.

lowkey: t.i. is the type who just needs to stand there and not speak,

11 thoughts on “oh, so this is t.i. biggest blunder?

  1. And Usher’s biggest was Justin Beiber. Anybody who says there are no other talented unsigned BLACK artists who could have made their mark on the industry instead of Iggy and Justin are COONS.

    1. The only White artists in recent memory who were cosigned by Black people who had talent were JoJo and Joss Stone. Jojo was under Aaliyah’s uncle. He ruined her career anyway with his weirdness. Joss Stone got put on by Common. Neither ever really made it.

      1. You forgot Salaam Remi and Amy Whinehouse. Robin Thicke was put on by Pharrell as well. As for T.i. let us not forget that he helped kick off (even though it doesn’t take much for this one) Azalea vs Azealia by his commentary. Besides that who would sign to T.i.? Seriously I mean he has a track record for a bunch of where are they now artist. Young Dro, B.o.B. (who was hella talented just eccentric), Kris Stephebs, & Yung L.A. All their careers went nowhere! Signing to Grand Hustle is a signing to a career that goes nowhere. He should work on bringing in an artist the has staying power. He should also stop talking like a nigg@ that got his G.E.D. in jail!!

        1. ^you cannot sign to an artist.

          i don’t know why people think that works.
          unless the artist signs you and gives you full creative control of your career,
          it hardly ever works.
          either you’re an artist or a manager,
          pick one and go forth.

          1. Facts. Everyone signed to Justin Timberlake and Ne-Yo, never had an album actually put out.

  2. Imagine being a misogynistic, homophobic, former drug dealing felon who served a whole federal prison bid on weapons and drug charges, owed the IRS $4.5 million in unpaid property taxes, and repeatedly cheated on his wife; to say this was the event that tarnished his legacy.

    This read….is ruthless. I giggled.

    Also, to hell with him. You know how I am about homophobes. He probably got his d**k sucked by a man while he was in jail… ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF OZ…

    Anyone who degrades LGBTQ and women get a chop in my book.

    T.I. = The Idiot

    1. He reeks of butch bottom queen. I guarantee he was so mad about TIny and Floyd Mayweather, because Floyd was digging him out. I’m sure you’ve heard of the bisexual swinging he and Tiny do.

      Floyd seems like a top. I bet 50 Cent is a bottom too.

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