oh, so this is t.i. biggest blunder?

i remember when t.i. first hit the scene,
i thought he soooooooo fine.
“whatever you like” always did for me:

of course,
he started opening his mouth and the dumbest shit would fly out.
he would pull up his thesaurus app just to sound smart.
the way he would allegedly treat tiny was gross to me too.
he fooled many with “t.i. and tiny: the hustle” reality show,
but i continued to peep game with him.
when he debuted iggy as his artist,
all i could think was:

“Oh great!
Two insufferables trying to make ‘fetch’ happen.
What did we do to deserve this?

he was so extra about it.
he was trying to prove she was this talented rap-stress.
i still get a good laugh at this:


so when i read he fixed his mouth to say

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