the alleged bisexual stylings of r. kelly?

uh huh…
r. kelly been so off my radar that i didn’t even know he had a book out.
not a book that he wrote,
but a book written by one of his alleged victims.
the book is called “sex me: confessions of daddy’s little freak”.

i didn’t know r. kelly was an alleged bisexual either.
this was tweeted that flew down my timeline


lowkey: i was gonna get this book for my morning commute,
but i can’t find it anywhere.
i feel like one of the foxholers mentioned this to me before…

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29 thoughts on “the alleged bisexual stylings of r. kelly?”

  1. This is stupid. she just said that she was riding daddy. the only way to do that is if daddy on on his back. for a male to insert something in him would be impossible from that position. she even said that daddy told ray to move and let him lay on the bed.

    1. I thought the same exact thing…like did I miss something, lol. She JUST said she was riding R. Kelly, so how in the world was Ray fucking him in the ass. Is there a different way to ride someone that I dont know about? lol

      1. ^from how i took it and “allegedly” fonting…

        r kelly was allegedly laying down,
        she was allegedly riding him,
        while she was riding him,
        the bodyguard was allegedly fuckin r kelly while behind her.
        r kelly alleged legs may have been spread open for easy access into his cheeks.
        somewhere after that,
        she was allegedly fucked in her ass as well.

  2. Didn’t a 16 yr old boy show PROOF and screen recordings of him dming him and wanting to do things to him? But nobody talks about that. It was on twitter months ago. He was a super fem boy too. I feel like r Kelly messed with boys too but someone’s covering that up.
    Didn’t his own brother say he fucked goats and horses? Yikes. R Kelly is a sex demon lol

  3. Why am I the only one NOT surprised by this?! For someone so in tune with his sexuality, it was a matter of time for this to be revealed.

    Happy new year J! Blessings upon blessings this yeat!!! Luh ya

    1. ^the straights will definitely cancel him over this.
      they like him to be their sexual straight king,
      but not the one who is bump n grindin with males too.

      thanks alain!
      blessings upon blessings for you as well!
      much love as well!

  4. My coworker was telling my about this part of the book like I was supposed to care. R kelly liking to get fucked surprises me no more than the other celeb men out there who are bisexual .

  5. Honestly him being bi is old and ignored tea! YEARS ago when Wendy was on radio she interviewed a man from Chicago who had a similar story as some of the woman, he never said R. Kelly’s name, but gave obvious hints it was our king of R&B!!!

  6. I always thought something was up, especially his production of plenty of suspect artists (Hi Five, diddy, Celine Dion, Usher, and B2K come to mind). He needs to go away permanently.

  7. I don’t believe any of this shit. Y’all need to stop being so easily manipulated. I still think Kelly is a predator. He’s one of them old school creeps—hits on any p.y.t walking and swears women have to stay in ‘their lane’.

    They honestly fucked up the documentary by interviewing women he met over 18 or the ‘sex cult’ because no one cares. We’re supposed to feel bad for them? They chose to be with him and supported his behavior because he covered them financially.

    Kelly’s team is just too smart. He messes with young girls that are weak-minded and have no support so he can settle outside of court by paying them off. And Kelly isn’t the only one, there’s many Hollywood men with questionable pasts of settling outside of court, even our president. Look into it and witness how corrupt the industry is

      1. For not believing unsubstantiated claims from people with a clear conflict of interest? And these can’t be the families that were paid off. Pot calling the kettle black homie

        Here’s some facts from actual investigations son: officers illegally acquired films depicting him with minors. The girls were located and asked to testify but they refused. There’s been no evidence found for kidnapping, forced captivity, physical abuse, rape, or anything else except him having sex with minors.

        Kelly is a creep and predator. But I ain’t falling for this fake, wanna be #MeToo bandwagon

        1. They didn’t come forward because of people like you who hold them at fault. They were young and naive, he took advantage of that. Whether they wanted to or not, they were underage man. He used his money and influence.
          He better thank God that the police in Florida got a hold of his camera and the subsequent duffle bag in an illegal search…because his ass would’ve DEFINITELY been in jail had that stuff been admitted.

  8. I work with 600 other people and so many especially black women have expressed their support for him. I even have a recording in the boys bathroom of two guys going in on BLACK WOMEN about how stupid they are and how Kelly is the man and saying the women wanted and needed all that from kelly. I was shook and was about to show some of my coworkers and they all had these wild supportive opinions of so I didn’t even show them the recording. A few even have young daughters so I was so surprised.

  9. Why am I not surprised?!?! Actually I was patiently waiting for this.

    Come on guys.. Dudes of his caliber would taste the fruit if the occasion presents itself. Rob is a very sexual person sooo. ..

  10. Mannnn, if this is true…I wouldnt be surprised one bit. I raised an eyebrow when he had that girl cut her hair off and start dressing like a boy. My first thought was he did that to break her (like he probably told her, who would want her looking like that other than him) but then I thought to myself, why “break her” that way when he hasnt done that before with any other girl and hasnt since her. He always picked the weak minded females who wanted to advance their career, and that was always enough to keep them. So why all of a sudden you have this girl do something different? It just screamed “fetish/fantasy” to me. Like she’s his “lil homeboy” that he can fuck around with, although she is a girl. I could be wrong tho, lol.

  11. Happy new year J and every Foxholers!!! Blessings upon blessings this years!!!

    “It can take years of grinding with no breakthrough, until that 1 year you break out! Don’t give up” TSR God bless!!!

  12. Unless there is actual proof I take all this with a grain of salt, especially from a book created to ride off a trend and sensationalism.

    Most importantly, why should we even be worried about R. Kelly? He’s over & done with & people just never can’t seem to let go.

    This has been going on for so long & people are acting like it’s the first time.

    What wouldn’t surprise me is if the people are actually cultish.

  13. The audio interview with his former national tour manager mentioned above has a segment in the last five minutes or so where in the tour manager says that R. Kelly while naked bent over and offered him his ass for penetration.

    That’s interesting but not enough to get R. Kelly cancelled by black folks. That interview might as well be in a book. It is that hidden from examination by black folks. And it is said that to hide something from black folks, put it in a book. SMH

  14. R. Kelly being into men has been out as far back as 2005, and there have been a couple of young boys involved as well. One of the brother put it out there years ago that he was bisexual, it really was never a shock to me. Either way, he is a disgusting human being, and I hope he gets what is coming to him.

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