some of ya’ll not gonna let r. kelly miss any meals

remember when i fonted that emotions gives energy to assholes?
and that they use that energy to become even more powerful?
well look at the recent r&b iTunes charts for r. kelly

i had to wonder

Did this documentary do more good than harm?

according to sources,
r. kelly didn’t watch the any of it via “tmz”:

R. Kelly did not watch a single minute of the docuseries, “Surviving R. Kelly,” that has now put him in the eye of a ferocious storm … TMZ has learned.

Sources in day-to-day contact with R. Kelly tell TMZ, the singer is “disgusted” by the series, which makes shocking allegations against him including sex with various underage girls, physical abuse and mind control. People interviewed say he’s running a sex cult. 

The sources say R. Kelly views the series as a “vendetta” against him by producers and others who have hated him throughout his professional career.

We’re told R. Kelly’s team downloaded him on the various people who appeared on the show and he claims he doesn’t even know half of them. He claims the other half hate him for various personal and professional reasons.

R. Kelly also claims there were various people who wanted to go on camera and defend him but producers shut them out.

The sources say R. Kelly is resolute — as one source put it, “He’s going to sue everybody who had anything to do with this.”

i’m sure those albums weren’t on there before.
many celebs are starting to speak out now,
and ya’ll are dragging what little hair he never had,
but his pockets are continuing to get fatter and fatter.
he gonna be eating real good.
i feel the only way r kelly will go to jail is how they got oj.
they’ll bust him on some random parking ticket and he’ll do life.
other than that,
his next tour will be successful of the backs of alleged idiots.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

14 thoughts on “some of ya’ll not gonna let r. kelly miss any meals”

  1. R Kelly’s team bought those albums through ghost accounts. Black people ain’t buying that shtt. How many copies of “step in the name of love” do you need? That’s the only song from Kelz I ever hear and it’s played at cookouts and family reunions lol

      1. i seen a wholelotta support from black women. he must do got some ppl that dib & dab in dark magic because the stupidity is on 10 smh

      2. @Jamari

        If black people are supporting him that’s their business. I’m happy to say I’m not one of them. In fact, I’m totally indifferent to his case because the criminal justice system itself has allowed it. To add, none of these women has said they were forced to be in R Kelly’s camp, they were there because they wanted to be there. Perhaps the justice system came to the same conclusion.


  2. I’m not canceling him and I will continue to support! Where were the parents first off? Why wasn’t managers record companies publicist a and r people not alerting the proper authorities on this man? Nobody never did nothing but you want me to cancel him! No ma’am I’ll pass! Siri play R kelly feeling on your booty

    1. Nice to hear that there are still people out here that is not swayed by the swift court of public opinion/jury/judge/conviction. All it takes these days to ruin a career is an allegation(s). None of us were flys on the walls of these basements or rooms of this “cult”.

  3. From my understanding because the Haughton’s (Aaliyah’s family) own all of his masters of his entire music catalog including songs he written/produced/featured on even with other artists, they are the ones who are getting all of the coins. Everytime an album is bought or streamed by the consumer they are getting every penny, and he is not.. Only way he’s making money these days are from performing at concerts.

  4. Somebody broke it down a decade back that he kept having to sell his masters to the record label and kept getting advances on future albums that weren’t even made yet because he needed to settle with all the people he wronged. I don’t see him seeing too much money in the future because he is in such a hole to the record label.

  5. I read on Theshaderoom in the comments that most of this spike is from people wanting to re-listen to the lyrics of his songs to now find the subliminal meaning of them. And like others have pointed out, why cant people just look up the lyrics vs actually streaming his music, but someone responded that people might want to hear “how he sung a particular verse” vs just reading it in front of them *shrugs shoulders*

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