baggy large has a large heart too

baggy large.
ya know,
i’m glad i don’t watch the reality show he stars in on bet.
in my head,
he would come off like an asshole.
he gives me heavy “adhd” vibes too.
either way,
i like to keep certain attentionistos out of my “doing too much” box.
he’s one of them.
i saw this video he posted on his ig tho…

…and i thought this was very sweet.
that part when he kissed him >>>>
i like when males arent the “aggressive asshole” for a minute.
it’s nice to see a heart peak through.i’ll allow it.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

7 thoughts on “baggy large has a large heart too”

  1. He was actually really nice on the show, he showed himself crying a little on the phone talking to his dad in jail. I know his other brother really well and he’s cool but arrogant lol I just don’t get why “baggy large” is his stage name lol

  2. 🗣 JAMARI, he jus put up your entry on his story, and wrote “Fuck The Blogs and the keyboard pressers LOL 😂” I dnt know if he was jokin or I’m takin it wrong, but if he’s seriously mad about the nice shit U wrote, he’s canceled & I’m bout to unfollow 🙄

    1. ^he blocked me LMAO.

      how sad that i wrote something nice and that low income mentality took it the wrong way.
      ya know,
      he won’t be missed on my end.

      how about yours?

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