will the new wolf cozy take (off) our drawz?

i thought wolf cozy is cute,
but that “sideshow bob” hair use to drive me crazy.
folks underestimate the power of a glo up.
whoever is around wolf cozy has been getting him together.
he posted this and…

he made me horny with this.
whoever is helping him reach his full potential,
please give them a round of applause.

i knew he was on the right track tho.
once i started seeing this revamp on his ig:


…i had a feeling he was on the right path.

he calmed down and became smooth with his approach.
mystery is so sexy.
now let’s hope the “onlyfans” is the up for a glo up next.

it’s the little things we can do that really bring out “the sexy” in all of us.
i call it the “hollywood glo up“.
the one when “the team” comes in and cleans them up to be camera ready.
i think the best glo ups is when you make subtle changes to your physical.
the things that make people notice you look “different“,
but don’t know what you did.
you can upgrade to labels/cars and still look dusty af.
common folks think material things are what gets folks all riled up.
for other low hanging fruit,

taking the right pics
pulling in the mystery
putting a clamp on that mouth from saying/tweeting/ig’in dumb shit

learning to love yourself and accepting your flaws
going to the gym
cutting your hair
getting your eyebrows done to frame your face
growing a beard/understanding what style works for your face

knowing your angles
wearing clothes that compliment your bawdy
understanding the color wheel

it’s subtle changes that help present a new “you” to the forests.

pics cc: instagram

26 thoughts on “will the new wolf cozy take (off) our drawz?

  1. I’m clearly in the minority but I prefer his previous look like another poster said. No tattoos and the mop. He looks predictable. I can’t tell him apart from the other attentionistos now and those chest tattoos are so distracting and ruin his beautiful chest. I’ve gone off him a long time ago. Good luck to him but I’ll pass.

  2. I have a confession. Saw him on your blog, saw his ad on a massage site and paid him for one a few months ago. I’m a super busy, professional in Atlanta. I like a stress relief every now and again. There was no happy ending. I didn’t ask for one. He didn’t offer.

    He’s an interesting guy. Very good looking. Has a speech impediment. Comes off as insecure about it.

    He also seems like he wants more out of life. He asked me a million questions about what I do for a living, how did I get my job, how can he become a professional. All the questions were just a turn off.

    Seems like he’s looking for more out of life. Hope he finds it.

      1. I will say that I don’t think he’s certified. More of a rubdown than a professional massage.

        He’s a good guy. The stuttering caught me off guard and then asking me, a complete stranger, so many questions about how he can better himself came off as kind of sad.

    1. Thank you, did you see their embrace in one of those photos, chiiile, ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ

    1. He’s not as cute as I thought he was. Something about the nose area threw me off. Maybe it’s the face he’s making.

  3. umm so the guy in the video did he say something cause I couldn’t hear a word he said…was distracted ..DAMN

  4. I guess im different i prefer the hair or braids. This new look makes him look monolithic exactly like all the others especially with the tatts. He had his own look and style now he just looks like someone copied and pasted the “formula to appeal to Black gays everywhere” lol ๐Ÿ’

    1. @Malcolm, I agree. I like it when a guy is different. And I didnt mind the hair, like Odell, this dude or Deven (I think that was his name with the big lips). I thought their hairstyles made them stand out personally. Now I will say, they would have to be kept up. Like towards the end of Odell’s hairstyle, he always had that one dusty dreadlock in the front, but the rest of his hair was curly…THAT I didnt like and I would tell him to cut that part off, lol. But now all of them look like your average attractive guy who’s fit, got the tattoos and sex appeal *shrugs shoulders*

  5. night and day. looks like a totally different person but way better. definitely glo up worked wonders. he owes whoever did it big time.

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