antonio brown was cuttin’ up and his team doctor had to hold his breath

as much as we see these fine males on social media,
we often forget one thing…

Males can be fuckin’ gross

don’t let the pecs,
and perfect selfies fool you.
once weget comfortable around someone,
sometimes not,
we can cut tf up.
nfl baller wolf and professional drama king,
antonio brown,
was visiting his team doctor and did this for his ig stories…

…and on his ig stories too.
here i am trying to politely hold in my gas to work,
being careful to drop silent bombs,
and he has no fucks to give about what’s coming out his guts.
it was kinda disrespectful,
according to “the neighborhood talk“:

antonio got some money and forgot how to act.
he better be under the radar and stay humble.
i have a feeling the powers that b want him outta here.
as nicki minaj so famously asked joe budden on “queen radio”…

Is that what your mother taught you to do?

lowkey: the oversharing on social media<<<

article cc: instagram

9 thoughts on “antonio brown was cuttin’ up and his team doctor had to hold his breath

  1. Gross. I’d be piss. It’s not widely studied but you can actually get sick from some people’s farts, which you only have to worry about if they are like naked or Farts still can carry bacteria from the gut.

    This is also disrespectful. If you know you need to pass gas, you need to excuse yourself somewhere.

  2. DWL.. Ok I am no Antonio fan as I think hes a drama queen seeking attention , just like OBJ..THEY ALL SEEK ATTENTION ..personality trait they have. Here he is conscious that he is going to fat and he knows hes been filmed so he farts,,,again making the headlines and causing people like you Jamari and the doctor to talk about him. ..LOL..

    Frankly a doctor should know better. EVERYBODY FARTS.. his doctor should be happy is patient is healthy with working intestines and a healthy host of co-dependent microbes.

    its part of life. Husband farts in front of wives and vise versa, lovers do it , people do it all the time in public and sometimes you know and other times you don’t know…..Its only in THIS WESTERN white man culture where people are embarrassed over it.. C ‘mon man…..LET FART BE FREE…LOL

  3. My roommate did that mess to me and almost lost his life. I left our place so several hours I was so upset. It is so unattractive to me. Yes, we all do it. But doing it on purpose to make me smell it is disgusting and disrespectful.

  4. Yeah, I have to agree with the doctor it was definitely in poor taste to be an adult male acting up like this, but unfortunately when you deal with men who are in a perpetual state of boyhood it’s funny, but one day he’ll receive the rudest awakening of his life and hopefully that’ll humble him.

  5. Ewwww, no thanks. I mean, yeah we all do it but sometimes its just best to keep shit to urself. Everything u do with ur homeboys or in the locker room is not for public consumption. We could have lived all our lives without seeing that shit

  6. I was really liking him before this post. Grossness is NEVER Sexy…Wow .. I just threw up ! 100 %

    1. He’s probably used to doing things like this and others around his friends, but it’s not cool to act like this around people that are not in your circle.I go to the library periodically, there’s this Black guy that farts, farts, more farts and thinks out loud and think its ok.. Not even an excuse me.. Nasty.

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