iman shumpert was feelin’ light skin and beautiful, is all

sidebar: i love pecs “under shirt“.
it drives me insane.
so everyone is fonting about nba baller wolf,
iman shumpert.

he claims it’s a “light skin move” on his ig stories,
but folks are claiming it’s a gay one.
so he put up this pic on his stories

am i the only one who thinks he is sexy af?
he’s being roasted heavy in the ( x hollywood unlocked ) comments.
someone said he looks like he fights girls.
i can admit his lips looked he wore the entire fenty lip gloss.

…but i’m sure he’s suckin the entire soul outta teyana.
he looks like he is a monster in bed and with that pipe:

he might be able to do whatever he wants.
so i had to ask the foxhole…

Is there anything wrong with Iman’s pic?

…or are folks going overboard,
as usual?

pics cc: instagram

11 thoughts on “iman shumpert was feelin’ light skin and beautiful, is all

  1. I don’t know what to say about this one. Is he wearing a face full of make-up or is it those damn filters people can’t seem to not use in their photos to enhance their appearance.

  2. Teyana embraces her masculine sides, but can also be very feminine. She lives for the LGBT community. I am sure she loves him unconditionally and lets him explore whatever he wants. She gets so much flack for not being the girly girl so why would she emasculate him? The underwear pic is so strange to me. The weirdest of thirst traps and makes me uncomfortable.

  3. My comment about the pic was made before I saw the pics that show too much of the outline of his penis. That is too much for a married man of his occupation, but not too much for a porn star or men of some other occupations. Since he is married, he should typically keep such sights for his wife. I suspect that his wife knows that such pictures are getting wide public exposure. It pays to advertise. He and his wife should understand that and not be surprised when men and women like the advertised product and then come calling.

    1. Dean, Teyana was the one who initially posted those pics after she birthed their baby. If not those exactly, they were very risqué showing his full print.

      I don’t trust nobody so i definitely wouldn’t be advertising my mans dick to the world. Lol

      But there’s nothing wrong the pic. He sexy AF

  4. ” Light Skinned Moment” ?????!!!! Ok I’m Older so this reminds me of Plantation Mentality. I assume its no longer a bad thing to coin such a phrase??? Is this “Cool’ now???

    1. I agree. I cringe when black people do this. What is “dark skin” then? Looking angry & abrasive? little do they know, this is what they’re subconsciously implying with these comments.

  5. Nothing is wrong with his pic, but something is probably wrong with his ” light skin” comment or reference, which I have not read. And he doesn’t look like he is wearing lip gloss.

  6. just a close up a black man with lip gloss…so no. ppl are too limiting in keeping black men in a box being never allowed to do simple things. now if his lips were cracked and dry ppl would be roasting him too so there’s no winning here. I say live and let live from Iman to OBJ to Kam Newton all doing unconventional in ppl eyes but conventional in their own eyes. life is subjective period

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