dreams of getting up outta here

“my boss got on my last nerves today…”

my boss always gets on my nerves so what’s new?

“uh oh,
what she do now?
tell daddy all about it.”

he knows i love that “daddy” shit…

i hate when he does that.
it always follows a look and then i’m flustered and forgetting shit.
i really love that he’s always listens when i’m frustrated.
the “my boss is an asshole” stories are his favorites.
in turn,
i enjoy his “the coach/teammates are fuckin’ dickheads” vent sessions.
we take each other to worlds that are so foreign to us.
it’s a lot better when i can curl up in his big ass arms to go tf off.
that can’t happen at this moment.
he is states away getting ready for an away game.
all i can do is feel the comfort of his voice.

“why don’t you quit?” he asked.

who is gonna take care of me?” i responded in mid eye roll.

“i could…”

jamari fox doesn’t get taken care of by any man.
i’m one to always have my own.
i like going back to my own spot when i need space.
the moment he fucks up,
i can get the fuck up and be on my independent shit.
he knows this,
but because he’s the “big baller wolf”,
he thinks he can “take care of me” like the others he is use to.
that might be why he fucks with me so heavy.
that or these bomb ass cheeks i give him when he’s back in the city.

“i know one thing,
i need a vacation.”

“how about this…
find a destination you trying to go,
let me book it,
and you tell your job that you need a week off to handle a private matter.
how does that sound?”

he thinks i have his life.
the one of a multi millionaire that can jetset all around the world.
he works one day a week.
i work a 9-5.
i’m one of the little people.
this ball and chain called “a job” don’t play that…










…but i could really use the escape.
i haven’t left new yawk in years.
the grind has kept me from taking the vacation i need.
i do have a friend that said they’d let me stay at their time share in miami.
some sun,
and alone time wouldn’t hurt.
i love being off when everyone is at work.
i do want to see califorina tho.
i might do that.

“can i get that private jet situation too?”

i mean,
i had to ask.
closed mouths don’t get fed.

you can get the jet too.”

“are you gonna be there?”

you know i gotta get ready for the start of the season.
i’m trying to get this ring.

as long as you good then i’m good.”

some “vaca dick” woulda been perfect on this excursion.
ahh well.
he can join me next time.

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