episode 1 | pilot

Episode 1

some whimsical shit starts playing from my dresser

i don’t know why i set my alarm to go off at 7:00 am during the week. it’s not like i got a job to show up for. i guess i just wanted to feel like everyone else in my life who gets up around this time. i don’t want to feel like a loser who is stagnant with his life.

I hate to break it to you but you are that loser,

i snooze the alarm and lay in my bed, looking at the ceiling. i’m not tired but i am horny. i could feel my morning wood because all i can think about is Him.

I had a dream about Him last night again…

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cum and read me (season 1)

many of the foxholers like when i write stories.
ya’ll know i was in my bag with the short sex stories in foxhole’s past.
i decided to start writing a story and…

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i’ve joined the cult with others frying their brains out too.
i’ve accepted my fate and will walk with my head held high.
so 2 weeks ago,
i was craving pizza heavy.
just like when i have the idea to hop on a dating app,
The Universe sends me something that turns me tf off completely.
i saw ( x this ) news story the day i was gonna order.
i did the dorothy face shortly after i read it:

something told me to check out all the restaurant grades in my area.
the violations of “evidence of rats/mice” made my head spin.
after my soul came back to my bawdy,
i decided to order something that i’ve heard folks raving about.
i didn’t know much about it before i did some research,
but i was sold after all the reviews…


he pulled my penis right outta my sexy underwear without my permission

*the following entry is rated r with triggering imagery.
viewer discretion is strongly advised.

it’s no surprise that some males are wild animals when it comes to someone sexy.
they will go outta their way to touch your merchandise like they own the joint.
you see how difficult it is out here for vixens.

my friend was just telling me how some jackals were howling at her as she walked by.


they had no fucks to give and I wonder what would have happened if she was alone?
even when you’re at a strip club,
they tell you not to touch any of the strippers unless requested.
so when foxholers sent me the following video today,
I had one question…

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when your boyfriend dies and leaves you his secret life to deal with

a foxholer sent me this story and its quite a doozy.
i would hate for my wolf to die and all his secrets came flying out.
from the illegal activities to the side hoes.
fuck planning his funeral.
put him in a suitcase and let the state deal with it.
deshawn mcmanus was shot and killed on feb. 9th in north carolina.
(  x read it here )
his girlfriend was mourning his death on social media as she should:

up until the “gotcha gotcha”

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the fox, the wolf, and the restaurant

“i really needed to get out,” i said,
walking behind davis towards the restaurant.

i’ve been cooped up in my crib for the last few months.
the only thing i’ve done is go to get groceries and haircuts.
i haven’t seen a restaurant since february due to the rona.
the new wolf i started talking to,
wanted to take me out to a restaurant in the city.
it was doing limited capacity,
but we were still able to eat inside.

“what you tryna order?” i asked,
looking at my girl’s nails.
her favorite color.

she is always so indecisive.
it annoys me because i already know what i want,
but it takes her forever to make a decision.
i wanted to get out because i was tired of hearing her mouth.
she always complains that i don’t pay attention to her.

this should shut her…


jamari walked in the door and WHO THE FUCK is that pineapple with him…

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