the story that has been “the story” for many on social media

he was told the proper steps in cleaning himself out.
it was weird af to him that he had to shit his brains out before every sexual encounter.
unless a vixen was on her period,
he didn’t think it was this much of a hassle to have sex.
well you can’t have gay sex without making sure you are fully clean and an empty stomach.
those were the rules so he spent hours making sure the water after the enema was clear.

“If you shit on me,
that would not make me happy.” – was what was told to him.

he never did it before so take a chill pill.
he doesn’t even have gay friends to show him the ropes either.
thank God he found a “before anal sex” guide on google.
before all of this,
he was homophobic af,
but he got approached with the opportunity of a lifetime…

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When The Baller Wolf Cums (2 The Rescue)

we fucked.
real good too.
right over there by that window.
you can’t see the window,
but it is the room sized one that overlooks the entire high line down in the meat packing district.
new yawk.
i wanted him to pack all his 8″ of latex covered meat inside me in front of that window.
that kind of voyeuristic shit turns me on.
even though he is in the public eye…
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The Police Took Too Long To Save Christopher

that is not a baller wolf’s picture for his roster.
that is a “soon-to-be-jaibird” jackal’s mug shot.
what he did?
well he killed his boyfriend.
get this tho…
he called the police and asked why they were taking so long.
the story is via queerty
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U Have Been A Bad Boy (and I Need To Punish U)

body4story“get on your knees”…

“okay baby.”

“um thats not the correct thing to say.”

i proceeded to slap him in his face.

“i’m going to say it again since you forgot.
get on your knees.”

“yes daddy.”


tonight he was going to be my bitch…
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Lets Be Together (On Christmas Day)

tumblr_nf9cepBbjc1tu9oufo10_r1_500“Oh, the weather outside is frightful,
But the fire is so delightful.
And since we’ve got no place to go,
Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!”…

dean martin was blasting out the overhead speakers.
it was feeling a lot like christmas up in here.
even tho it wasn’t outside.
bae wasn’t in bed when i woke up this morning.
when i went downstairs to look for him,
he damn near screamed for me to go back upstairs.

“i want you to go back upstairs and don’t move!” he said.

he was just wearing an apron and his drawz.
if my ass wasn’t still sore from last night,
i’d fuck him right on these stairs.
he has been the most gracious host since he flew me out here.
this time last year for christmas,
i woke up to the sounds of “hood” and “rat”.
this year,
i’m in the hollywood hills.
who woulda thunk?…

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