i knew we were gonna f*ck before dinner

we didn’t speak when we walked into my apartment.

there was nothing to say really.
this has been a build up since we first laid eyes on each other.

“i’m not hungry.” i said, while we were at dinner.

“why not?” he said, a look of disappointment on his face.

“i don’t want to eat anything because we are gonna fuck tonight.”

his eyes lit up.

“i’ve waited a long time for you.
i want to fuck.”

that’s when he knew i wasn’t playing any games and quickly asked for the check…

i have always liked his eyes.
they are really expressive when he looks at me.
they become big and wide when he sees me.

you can tell by his eyes that he’s really attracted to me.
he told me i always made his dick rock hard when i walked in a room.

after we walked into my apartment,
he pushed me up against my front door and kissed me.
it was passionate.
i know he has wanted to do that for a long time.

his hands gripped my ass as he tongued me down.
i could still taste the sangria he had at dinner.
i’m sure he could taste the amaretto sour.

You ever wanted someone so bad that you felt butterflies every time they came around?

that is how i felt.
it felt like pure anxiety with him. 

i never wanted someone as much as i did with him.
i’ve had my fair share of crushes,
but he was different.
he became an addiction for me.
i didn’t know if he was even interested in males tbh.
it was something about him tho.
something that made me instantly horny.

 i wanted to rip his clothes off whenever we were in the same room.
now tho he has my legs up on his shoulders,
while bumping his crotch up against mine.
he was ready.
definitely ready.

“you got a condom?” he asked.

i knew i was gonna get some dick tonight so i came prepared.
i’m always prepared.

after i came out my bedroom,
he grabbed and bent me over the couch.
now this is where it all became a daze.
i know i felt his tongue all over my hole.
there was one point that he used his fingers to open me up.
all i remember is after he pulled his jeans down to his knees,
he entered me.
i know he made sure i was opened up enough so he could slide in.
once he got inside me comfortably,
he found the perfect rhythm to start fuckin me.
i wanted him to know how good he felt in me.

my neighbors probably thought i was getting abused by how loud i was moaning.
there was one point that i was on my tippy toes because he was so deep inside me.

“is this what you wanted?” he asked.

i didn’t respond because i felt myself falling over the couch.
he slapped my ass and asked me again.

this is what i wanted!”

it definitely was what i wanted.
its been what i wanted for months now.
i jacked off to him probably every night.
even though we did it in this one position,

he fucked me like i imagined he would in my fantasies.
he knew when to go slow and when to clap my cheeks.
he pulled his dick out a few times to tease me and then pushed it back in.
there was one point he grabbed my neck and pushed my head back to get balls deep.
i won’t lie to you,
but he knocked the cobwebs off this booty.

“i’m about to nut!” he exclaimed as he pulled the condom off.

i quickly turned around and got on my knees,
where he ejaculated all over my face.
his nut flew out of his dick like a cannon.
i closed my eyes and let it splash all over my face.

“damn yo…” he said,
panting and falling onto the couch.

i have that effect on men.

after i came out the bathroom from cleaning myself off,
he was fast asleep on my couch.
that’s what my good stuff will do to a wolf.
i put my throw blanket over him and went to bed.
i didn’t expect him to stay the night,
but i wasn’t gonna cuddle up with him like some romantic comedy.
i’m sure we will talk about this tomorrow morning.
my bed was calling my name and i was gonna sleep real good.

when i woke up the next morning tho,
he was in my bed sleeping right next to me.
i don’t know when he came in,
but it made me smile to see him there.

i got my man.

Written by Jamari Fox (C) | 6/28/2020 | 9:30pm

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  1. Jamari…Where can I find your book at?!…. OMG…..this has me on the edge of the bed wanting to read more!!! My Gawd 💯💯💯💯

  2. Jamari Yass let him beat the cobwebs off that bussy. You were long overdue for a good dick down. So happy for you and let’s see if he sticks around. I’m always leery of sex on the first date unless you want just a fuck buddy. But I love how you bossed up and took control. Go you!

  3. Oh to make someone moan! Those were the times. Rona needs to go away! Lol

    Good erotic story!

  4. I am still waiting for chapter 2 about the social media guy turned Hollywood pass around.
    Your fans

  5. shivers I so needed some good erotic writing. Thank you for that. Jamari you need to write books professionally!!! That’s your calling.

  6. when i woke up the next morning tho,
    he was in my bed sleeping right next to me.
    i don’t know when he came in,
    but it made me smile to see him there.


    1. I might be jaded, but I was expecting him to be gone when you woke up.

  7. You betta have me hanging on to every word like an E. Lynn Harris novel!!! ✊🏾✊🏾💜

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