it is my constitutional right to be free so i’m not wearing a face mask any longer


Wearing a face mask in the summer can damn near feel like suffocation

i went to run some errands yesterday and it was humid af.
by the time i got home,
i could hardly breathe.
bad enough i went to dunkin donuts yesterday for an iced coffee,
but realized i had a mask on and couldn’t drink it until i got home.
it’s a whole new forest since the rona has touched down.
the masks are helping us stay safe,
while keeping others safe as well.
some white folks have been having temper tantrums over wearing a mask.
this one compared himself to a mad dog

cause he looks like one.
don’t they put a few bullets in mad dogs?
he might need to change his wording.

this one in costco:

this karen who was angry her nail girl was wearing a mask:

and this wonderful ig slide from @sainthoax:


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My new favorite hobby is watching videos of Karens refusing to wear a face mask 😷

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if some of these white folks were this passionate about black lives
when someone said to me that some americans are really selfish and entitled,

these are all perfect examples as to why.

We are in the middle of a gaddamn pandemic.

people are falling ill in rapid speeds and some are dying.
the ones who survive still have lasting effects.
you’ think if folks that want to go outside would protect themselves and other folks.

They’re having meltdowns over safety procedures

this is why florida,
and texas are a cesspool of sickness.
they gonna come up to new yawk,
once we complete our phases,
and send us right back to hell.
you know what’s funny?

The way how some white folks are represented in scary moves are legit

there is always that one who thinks they can take on a michael myers.
they are told stay in safety and their entitlement kicks in.


they walk into the room and boom.
they’re stabbed the fuck up or the alien shoves a probe straight up their ass.

lowkey: honestly,
some black folks are showing their asses too.
my block had a whole party on friday and no one had a mask on.
i want no parts of the foolery.

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8 thoughts on “it is my constitutional right to be free so i’m not wearing a face mask any longer”

  1. I guess you didn’t see the video of the white woman…who said I’m not wearing a mask for the same reason I don’t wear any underwear “I need to be able to breathe “ lol
    People just don’t get it. Wearing a mask is the safest thing to do now until a vaccine.
    Of course along with social distancing and washing your hands.
    Everybody is free to do what they want…Just stay the fuck away from me!

    1. ^it was in the ig slide!

      they are so passionate about this kind of shit,
      but 45 is destroying the country and they are worried about a damn mask.

      1. I read something today that said that the type of people (conservatives) against face masks during this pandemic were the same people against seat belts, recyclable bottles, speed limits for cars, dumping toxins in waterways, smoking in bars and restaurants, and on and on. The common denominator is that they’re always against commonsense helpful things to save large numbers of people which the government can implement better than personal choice could ever effect.

        OK, i get that these crazy @ss people want their freedom to die as they see fit, but preventing or impeding the public health of others is not their right so get they need to get over theirselves. Also, they’re the same people telling women what to do with their bodies, telling you that you cannot marry a person of the same sex, and so on. Freedom for some and not for others, or George Orwell put it in Animal Farm, “some — are more equal than others.”

  2. Medical professionals wear masks for hours in hot surgery operating rooms and do their jobs. Men and women wear masks while fixing pipes and doing construction in areas where the air is hazardous. And these folks complaining about wearing a mask in the store if they feel that bad then they should just stay home and order everything online

  3. This lady did not say #stopsocialdistancing I CANNOT DEAL! And then gonna be the 1st one complaining once she get it…smh

  4. Heard a caucasian lady a caucasian gentleman say….”Mr. Trump doesn’t wear a mask so I shouldn’t have to and if anybody knows he does!” Everybody was screaming with their silent stares saying…”You idiots”!

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