The Police Took Too Long To Save Christopher

that is not a baller wolf’s picture for his roster.
that is a “soon-to-be-jaibird” jackal’s mug shot.
what he did?
well he killed his boyfriend.
get this tho…
he called the police and asked why they were taking so long.
the story is via queerty

A Cleveland man got into an argument with is boyfriend that turned violent, and called 911 while he was in the process of strangling him with a belt.

George Rauls can be heard on the emergency call saying, “I need a cop cause me and my boyfriend got into it. And I’m about to kill him.”

“What’s your boyfriend’s name?” asks dispatch.


“Is he a white male, black male?” the female dispatcher asks.

“He’s black,” responds Rauls. “Why does all this matter?”

“Sir, it’s proper procedure,” says the dispatcher.

“I have a belt wrapped around his neck, and I’m choking him,” replies an audibly frustrated Rauls.

The conversation, which you can hear for yourself below, is quite disturbing considering Rauls’ former boyfriend, Christopher Hardy, is silently choking to death nearby.

Adding to the strangeness is the fact that it took police nearly twelve minutes to respond, and nine minutes to even call an ambulance.

Police say a lack of available cars in the area accounts for the slow response, nearly three and a half minutes above the average time for high priority calls.

An assistant safety director reviewed the tape for local Fox 8 News and concluded that “the dispatcher did a good job of handling the situation on a 12-minute phone call.”

The city also found that the response time of police was within “an acceptable range.”



i can’t even….
that 911 call fucked me up.
this is christopher:

 some of these pineapples are fuckin’ sick.
i had to wonder tho…
were there any red flags christopher ignored?

sometimes we are so excited to get into a relationship,
we over look little things that can lead to big things.
sad story nonetheless.
rip christopher.

lowkey: george is pleading “not guilty”.
how can you plead not guilty when you are clearly recorded?

article: queerty

8 thoughts on “The Police Took Too Long To Save Christopher

  1. Mental illness is very real and it’s time that we speak about it in the black community. I work in the mental health field and majority of my clients are underprivileged blacks who lack the resources needed for help and have to go around the ringer with the government. Whenever I go into their home, my guard is always up.

  2. SMH People are crazy as hell out in these streets. I agree with the part about people ignoring red flags. This is the reason why people need to take the time to feel a person out early on in the stages of dating.

  3. This reminds me of a show I saw this weekend. While it wasn’t a gay couple, the dude was obsessed and possessive of his girlfriend. He punched her and she ended the relationship. He started stalking her, and ended up shooting both her and her co-worker who tried to protect her. He shot her in the head and arm, and when he went in for the killer shot…luckily for her the gun jammed.
    As Lindo said, mental illness is real! I see it on a daily basis…and it’s scary to know that a person could snap at any moment.

  4. After dealin with someone with Dxed bi-polar – I guess I was too young to take it seriously before it started spiraling outta control – I hope the sadly deceased didn’t ignore obvious signs of dude’s cray factor…love is already bonafide mental occupation to then also be besieged with psychosis….

  5. That’s why I always say I want a man who loves and accept himself first before I can love him. Mental illness runs deep within the gay community and the black community but when you are both gay and black it becomes deeper. Clearly that man has a mental issue because he knew what he was doing wrong but couldn’t contain himself to stop.

  6. That guy looks crazy and is? We have to be very carefuls before we get into any relationship.

  7. No surprise here, there are many times I remember making a call dispatch and being ignored until the second call. Police take forever when you need help in the hood!

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