The Demon Killer Jackal Is Dead (You Can Come Out Cleveland!)

killer jackal,
steve stephens,
is dead…
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The Killer Jackal of Facebook Live

facebook live.
ig live.
i don’t know the true purpose of it.
on one end,
it helped document one of the biggest “black lives matter” crimes in real time.
the other side is it has everyone thinking they are more important than they are.

“i ate a chicken sandwich today and had a profound moment…”

“ask me anything…”

“let me drive around and look in the screen for no reason at all…”

well ^that jackal up there?
he decided to use facebook live to allegedly commit homicides in cleveland, ohio.
nbc news has more…
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Justin Bieber Can, and Will, Kick Your Ass

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 9.18.54 PMwatch out!
we got a bad ass over here!
justin bieber out here trying to fight randoms now.
so he was in cleveland for the nba finals.
after the game,
this is what happened
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The Police Took Too Long To Save Christopher

that is not a baller wolf’s picture for his roster.
that is a “soon-to-be-jaibird” jackal’s mug shot.
what he did?
well he killed his boyfriend.
get this tho…
he called the police and asked why they were taking so long.
the story is via queerty
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10 Years Found Later

Amanda-Berry-Gina-DeJesus-found-in-Cleveland-after-missing-10-yearsthis goes to show:
never lose hope.
amanda berry and gina dejesus have been missing for 10 years.
no one knew where they went.
you know they were in some crazy muthafucka’s basement?!?!!?…

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LeBron Got His Side Piece Pregnant?

Someone just sent me a random mind blower of a TIP that Lebron James allegedly got this Vixen pregnant…

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