The Demon Killer Jackal Is Dead (You Can Come Out Cleveland!)

killer jackal,
steve stephens,
is dead…

It’s over — thanks to fast food.

Facebook murderer Steve Stephens shot and killed himself in Pennsylvania Tuesday morning, ending a three-day manhunt for the Cleveland killer, police confirmed.

He gave himself away after stopping by a McDonald’s restaurant in Erie County to order 20 chicken nuggets and a basket of fries. An eagle-eyed drive-through worker tipped police.

“I am pretty sure he figured out that we were on to him,” franchise owner and operator Thomas DuCharme Jr. told GoErie.

The staff stalled to call state police, but Stephens drove off because “he didn’t want to wait for his fries,” DuCharme said.

He did, though, take the nuggets

Around 11 a.m., officers attempted a traffic stop about five miles from the fast food joint.

Stephens drove away, starting a two-mile pursuit, police said. He then pulled over and shot himself in the head.

“We are grateful to the people who gave this tip,” Cleveland Police Chief Williams said in a press conference.

“We are grateful that this has ended. We’d have preferred if it did not end this way.”

gluttony ended up killing his dumb ass.
i really wish his ass got caught.
i’m shocked he got as far as he did.
no disguise or shaving his beard off.
may he rot in eternal torment for what he did.
i saw a few conspiracy theorists saying this wasn’t real.
i don’t see what would be the point,
but i’m welcome to hearing possible theories.

lowkey: i hope this doesn’t create copycats.

article: ny daily news

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  1. Glad this is over and sad for the families and friends affected by this. Very disappointed as usual with the police, Let it be a gram of weed and they have no problems finding that. But this guy they couldn’t find smh

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