Character and Other Dishonest Things To Look Out For

they say your character is who you really are.
you can change your personality,
but your character will stay with you until you die.
so that means if you’re a:

sex addict


…then those traits ain’t going nowhere.
that is interesting to me.
so what are all these self help books for?
to just change your personality?
or with hard work and dedication

Can you actually change your character flaws?


i was having a discussion with one of my home vixens today.
we were talking about that killer jackal in cleveland,
among-st other things.
i said:

“everyone was saying how he was so good.”

to which she said:

“jackals can hide their characters,
but it slips out on occasion.”

to then the convo continued said:

“what is character to you?”

“character is who you are when no one is looking.”

some you meet and they’re off.
something about them immediately alerts your fox/hybrid/wolf senses.
others creep up on you slowly like a vine.
it isn’t until you’re emotionally trapped that they are stuck to you.
i like to think i have a good character.
what you see with me is usually what you get.
i’m not perfect,
but i’m not a demon risen from the darkness.

i’ve noticed i’ve let some slip into my life with questionable characters.
they started out great and then shit took a left.
speaking of left,
i knew him for close to 11 years.
i chose fight back for his character flaws during our friendship.
all that and it ended on something so simple like the rest.
my only excuse for the nonsense is:

a) i was dumb
b) i figured their character would change

…and of course,
all of those answers came into fruition once they showed their tails.

you notice they always stop speaking to you for someone worse.
that usually either tends to be their wake up call or their peak.
water does seek its own level.

i’m learning that you have to let go once someone shows their true nature.
if our bosses are terrible,
do we leave?
if our parents are awful,
do we disown them?
do you just go dropping everyone who comes in your life when they hurt you?
are mistakes a true judge of someone’s character?
are is it a sign of what’s to come?
it seems to be that everyone with a bad character has left my life.
i have grown tremendously and learning to finally see my worth in HD.
now i have to learn to really see through the facade.
it’s hard to spot initially.
looking back tho,
the signs were there.
i just chose to fight against what i was seeing.
so i have to ask the foxhole tho…

How do you properly judge someone’s character?

4 thoughts on “Character and Other Dishonest Things To Look Out For

  1. I think it varies from person to person. I don’t want to say that someone had to be into reading or enjoy being alone for them to be someone I can trust because everyone is different not everybody gets stimulated from the same things. As humans we make mistakes or we just outgrow certain people. Sometimes people come in our lives for a reason to teach us something we might not always know what that lesson is until years later.

    As for the Cleveland killer I’m not excusing anything that he did but mental health is real. You can be good and nice all your life and then something could happen and you don’t know how to deal with it. As someone who suffers from depression at varying levels I never thought I would be going through something like this or having suicidal thoughts. It just makes me think what would happen if I wasn’t getting help if I didn’t have a site like the foxhole to express myself around other like-minded individuals.

  2. How do you judge someone’s character? You can’t really. As I’ve said many times before, a person will show their true colors/character at some point or another. Generally, it will be when you can’t/won’t do something for them. THAT’S when their true nature will reveal itself. At that point, it’s time to move on.

    As for people that don’t read…that’s just ignorant. I love to read. Always have. I used to get teased because I always had my head in a book of some kind. I hate to see people pick at someone because they’re reading. I had an encounter with some kids on a bus once, where a group of boys were clowning another kid because he was reading. Apparently they had a test coming up. I asked one kid who was more vocal than the rest, how is the fact that he’s reading not gonna help him, as you put it? Him reading will help him understand the material better than you ever will, if you don’t read it. If you have a test coming up, don’t ya’ll think you should be doing the same? Nah son, I ain’t gotta read that mess. It’s not gonna help me. It’s not gonna help any of ya’ll niggas cause ya’ll niggas is stupid. I said to him, reading will help you more than you know. Give it a try sometime.
    My thought was that I don’t think he could read very well.

  3. That is why I can’t really fuck with people who never like being alone or are always “bored” when no one is around. Just like your friend said “character is who you are when no one is looking”. I believe that strongly. That’s how you can tell who someone truly is. That’s how you also learn who you are. I learn the most about myself when I am by myself.

    1. ^you are absolutely right!
      i’m happy alone.
      i make my own play and always researching ways to be better.

      i don’t know how i feel about those who don’t read books.
      reading expands the mind.
      i remember this ex nfl wolf telling me he didn’t like to read.

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