Character and Other Dishonest Things To Look Out For

they say your character is who you really are.
you can change your personality,
but your character will stay with you until you die.
so that means if you’re a:

sex addict


…then those traits ain’t going nowhere.
that is interesting to me.
so what are all these self help books for?
to just change your personality?
or with hard work and dedication

Can you actually change your character flaws?

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You Don’t Need To Sweep Up My Forest (Thanks)


part 2

everyone will have something to say about you.
accept that.
now i hope you don’t sink into your den and cry when you get judged?
oh no no no.
check it…
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Paul George Is A Deadbeat

Screen Shot 2014-09-23 at 9.00.33 PMwell i didn’t say it.
the ny post said a judge did.
so it looks like my favorite baller wolf ratchet,
paul george,
has no f’s to give about that cub he brought in the world.
well he does,
i think.
that “skrippa” he skeeted in,
the one i’m sure he is embarrassed about,
is trying to get him to acknowledge the cub,
well a judge in new yawk slammed paul for his lack in daddy duties
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Well Great Scott! ( B Scott, That Is)

b-scott-before-and-after-at-the-bet-awardsso remember this b scott scandal at the bet awards last year?
( x refresh )
b scott was screaming “discrimination” because he had to change his outfit.
went on a social media tangent and followed up by suing bet.
“discrimination” is what they called it.
well the judge made a decision on the discrimination and well…
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Rashidah Ali Wrote A Check She Couldn’t Cash (Literally)

BSjlK8oIMAAQYTCwatch what you say about this one.
she will end you and that’s a fact.
everyone meet rashidah ali.
she was on “love and hiphop ny” and from what i’m reading,
she is a hoodrat extraordinaire.
her hair is the color of candy corn.
what chu expect?
well who knew she was allegedly stealing credit cards and writing bad checks?
well my people at the cliffview pilot sent me this….

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You Slap My Ass Again And I’ll Put Your Ass In Handcuffs

tumblr_moiv0lqPDb1s6kexlo1_500its been 30 days already?
well no,
not really.
our fav ocho was released early from jail for whatever reason.
the judge had a change of heart?
did she like the check she was sent?
who knows.
tons of video below….

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