Rashidah Ali Wrote A Check She Couldn’t Cash (Literally)

BSjlK8oIMAAQYTCwatch what you say about this one.
she will end you and that’s a fact.
everyone meet rashidah ali.
she was on “love and hiphop ny” and from what i’m reading,
she is a hoodrat extraordinaire.
her hair is the color of candy corn.
what chu expect?
well who knew she was allegedly stealing credit cards and writing bad checks?
well my people at the cliffview pilot sent me this….

rDjTn2x2hnjI8o2qf-QOynvCu5xr6xg3zglBkmRnuw-lr0huRBr3cVGXOUFOjlnAArC53OZ4B47EXZvCLa5NLIUP-1zZqvjltO0Dz2z750__TRAWtOfcAFwCKA=s0-d-e1-ftA judge in Hackensack agreed not to send “blinged-out bombshell” Rashidah Ali of “Love & Hip Hop” to jail today after she promised to stop violating parole for credit card fraud.

Ali, 30, has missed several scheduled appointments with her parole officer and failed to pay restitution the terms of her plea agreement, CLIFFVIEW PILOT is reporting.

She even wrote a $6,800 check to the Bergen County Probation Department last spring that bounced.

Defense attorney Ron Bar-Nadav promised Presiding Superior Court Judge Liliana DeAvila-Silebi that his client will faithfully keep her biweekly appointments and will pay a minimum of $100 per appointment toward her required restitution — or at least $200 a month.

The judge, in turn, warned Ali that she’d better make good on the promises because she’s officially out of breaks.


funny-gifs-wtfwhat is on her head in that courtroom?
well the judge nearly ended her and that’s a fact.
ive been hearing some things about rah tho.
the streets definitely been talkin about her shenanigans.
ah well.
i guess she better get a interesting story line and quick!
not with tahiry either.

lowkey: she looks like the type to keep a razor blade under her tongue.
google her dossier.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “Rashidah Ali Wrote A Check She Couldn’t Cash (Literally)”

  1. 30?… fa real?

    Wow though, they really think they stuntin with them ridiculous ass weaves.Her hair in the courtroom looks like my grandma’s dead dog.

    lol @ razor blade under her tongue.She looks like she’s got a lot of secret pockets and hidden compartments.

    These reality TV people be stuntin so hard.I guess it ain’t all reality.Look at Phaedra or the many broke reality Tv stars of yesteryear.

    Here I’m thinking she’s some normal New York chick yet the whole time she’s a damn jailbird/ex-convict.You New York niggas are rough and tough.

    1. ^shiiiiiiiddddddd.
      there is this whole credit card scamming underworld out here.
      got me paying in cash because these mofos don’t play with stealin ya money.
      they crackin down hard on it now tho.
      so many people that was stuntin hard on instagram going to jail.
      every other second someone is getting arrested.

  2. she had the nerve to judge Tahiry about being a booty model at 30.
    lol at least she’s getting paid.
    you out here cashing checks for money you don’t even have x__x

  3. She looks like that one contestant on ‘Flavor of Love’ that cooked the raw chicken in the microwave and had the delusional singing career…

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