Chris Brown Back In Rehab

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 9.47.03 PMhe can’t think he looked good here.
he just can’t.
well chris brown is headed back to rehab after just being released.

tumblr_inline_n1qga82bro1ry22d7The good news for Chris Brown is a luxury rehab center in Malibu is better than the men’s central jail in Los Angeles.

The bad news is a Los Angeles judge ordered Brown to stay another two months in the anger management and drug rehab program he entered three months ago.

Although Brown’s probation officer reported the singer “continues to make great improvement” in dealing with anger, stress and drugs, the judge decided during a hearing Friday he can’t go free yet. He has to be tried on an assault charge in Washington first.

Only then will the judge decide whether Brown must go to jail for violating his probation in the Rihanna assault because of the assault arrest a few blocks from the White House in October.

Brown seemed disappointed by the decision, although his three months of therapy may have helped him handle the stress in court. He closed his eyes and appeared to meditate for about five minutes while his lawyer, Mark Geragos, met privately with the judge and prosecutor.

“Mr. Brown is able to use behavioral strategies to manage acting out on impulses,” the director of his rehab program wrote in a letter to the court. “Mr. Brown is teaming relaxation exercises that will reduce consequent impulsive behaviors.”

He also looks physically better during his latest court appearance, something noted by his lawyer.

The rehab director’s letter revealed that Brown had been suffering from a “severe case of insomnia,” which has been “stabilized.”

Brown, 24, told his probation officer that he “appreciates what he has learned in the rehabilitation facility, as it has allowed him to change his life for the better,” the officer wrote in his report.

Brown “looks forward to staying out of trouble,” the probation report said.

He reports to a highway cleanup labor crew in Los Angeles three days a week to fulfill the 750 hours of service remaining in his probation requirements, the report said. At that rate, Brown could complete the labor in mid-October and possibly be free from probation requirements by the end of the year.

His legal troubles began five years ago when he beat then-girlfriend Rihanna in a rented Lamborghini on a Hollywood street. He pleaded guilty to felony assault in June 2009, which resulted in a sentence of five years of probation and 1,400 hours of community labor.

he looks good enough to fuck in that court pic.
something about him drips “fuck”.
i want to see what that brown sausage beez like.
inside voice.
he needs to clean his tongue tho.
well that’s good he is trying to turn his life around.
was i the only one who laughed at the fact he meditated?
as long as he isn’t throwing a chair or kicking a child,
whatever works is progress.
good job breezy wolf!
he might just get that nick name again.
he has also been diagnosed with ( x bi polar disorder and ptsd ).

lowkey: i can’t wait to see his video with arianna grande.
he posted this pic:

Screen Shot 2014-02-28 at 9.55.02 PM…as i’m sure you could already read my thoughts.
i wonder if she let him smash?
i would have.

article from: cnn

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  2. You are bout the most fraudulent blogger out here trolling my friend shit and stealing pics and sniffing through the people he knows, I know who you are and you have ZERO industry connects who would keep giving you information knowing that use it to spread negative shit…We gonna blast yo ass on diary of a hollywood street king like Necole Bitchie keep on!

  3. Um… ptsd?How on Earth can he have ptsd?I thought only soldiers home from war could develop ptsd?

    Anyways Jamari I was thinking about the tongue thing yesterday and trying to stop myself from puking.I had just eaten too.I felt like I was about to throw it all up.I rarely throw up so I was trying hard to get his tongue off my mind.

    He does look real good in that pic.I think it’s because he’s clean, in a suit, and that strong bone structure makes him look… strong.I wish the rest of his body matched his head and face.He’d look good as fuck.

  4. Who the eff is that in the header pic???? what the hell? that’s not recently huh???? omg omg What is it? drugs? alcohol? bad angle? lighting? karrueche?

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