Everyone Meet Peanut (Allegedly)

“You are bout the most fraudulent blogger out here trolling my friend shit and stealing pics and sniffing through the people he knows, I know who you are and you have ZERO industry connects who would keep giving you information knowing that use it to spread negative shit…We gonna blast yo ass on diary of a hollywood street king like Necole Bitchie keep on!” – prodigy
peanut (allegedly)

dude i see your ip address.anigif_enhanced-30146-1393618606-33soooooooo…
that picture of chris brown came from his ( x instagram ).
the entry came from cnn.
i always add where i get my information from.
how am i being fraudulent if my “industry connect” are public sources?
not to mention how fast he changed his screen name once he was called out.
( x here )
i’m so confused right now.
should i be flattered with all of this?
if his alleged ex wasn’t straight,
and god wasn’t working on me,
i would go fuck him a few times outta spite.
don’t even get it twisted.
imagine us two in a private jet with him eating me out from jfk to lax.
finish it off with a shopping spree,
money for my rent and bills,
and a happy ending.
well waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit shit…
85586-Xtina-cringe-grabs-hair-The-Vo-6EAvthat sounds pretty good actually.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

8 thoughts on “Everyone Meet Peanut (Allegedly)”

  1. LOL Your .gif game always takes me out.
    As for Peanut, gurl, go file down those fangs of yours.

  2. BUSTED…LMAO. Ip addresses never change nigga. I’m not sold that this hollywood just yet, this could be anyone. However, this person is a bum, regardless of their identity.

    1. ^here is what I find funny.
      so this person is gonna blast me for being fraudulent,
      has said in the past they don’t like bloggers who expose people,
      but will expose me on hollywood street king?
      who does way worse than I do.
      so where is the logic in this whole situation with hov aka prodigy aka peanut (allegedly) aka hollywood (allegedly)?

  3. One thing I never understand in life is why do people continue to come to sites or talk to people they don’t like just to say something negative.

    It just makes it seem like people have no lives tbh

    Jamari keep doing you!

    1. ^word.
      listen not everyone will like me.
      this site is not for everyone.
      this person needs to just admit they don’t like me and that’s it.
      slandering my name continuously for what????
      like this person has broken so many laws just by his comments it’s ridic.
      if i ever sued him,
      I would win by the evidence alone.
      even if he outs my boring ass,
      and i do mean boring compared to others who do so much worse,
      it will probably make me bigger than I am now.
      so whatever he is doing would backfire in all honesty.
      ill let him have his moment tho.

  4. Once again he’s contradicting himself.He says you spread info and they don’t like that so they’re going to spread info about you.Ugh.Peanut please stop.No wonder Kerry broke up with his ass.He’s a nut case.Oh, peaNUT.That’s a perfect name for him.I guess we should start ignoring him.Everybody else does.Plus he’s mental.I can’t stand people that contradict themselves like that.They remind me of cartoon characters.

  5. He is pathetic! Jamari I wish Kerry had met you before Peanut. Because you would have known how to handle him and take his ass to the next level. Shit he would be playing now. Peanut go to hell! Ignant azz!

    1. ^”i would have known how to handle him and take his ass to the next level. Shit he would be playing now.”

      when I say that comment lit my spirit on fire.
      thank you!

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