Michael Sam Has Some Alleged Peen Leakage From Grindr?

SAMPEENLEAkso whenever someone tells me they want to be a star,
from a pr perspective,
i always ask them,
“what secrets do you have?”.
ive had the straights confess they had dick pics,
cooch pics,
and even sex tapes out there.
michael sam,
the resident gay pre baller wolf,
seems to be getting exposed left and right.
the f-bi was on it this morning while i was at the barber shop.
popwrapped nabbed a picture of his alleged naked picture from his grindr account.
uh huh!
this is def 18^,
and “not for straight eyes”

tumblr_inline_n0ov9uLVfT1rygccqnot a bad alleged piece michael.
i’d claim it if it wasn’t.
something tells me michael is all kinds of ratchet.
something also tells me this is why he came out because he may have gotten exposed.
he strikes me as messy.
my seat belts are still on tho.
i’m sure there is more to cum on this ride.
stay tuned!

picture found: popwrapped

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

21 thoughts on “Michael Sam Has Some Alleged Peen Leakage From Grindr?”

  1. Nice and thick, in the front and back. If this is him, he needs to get his teeth fixed and then he’ll be featured.

    1. Yeah he needs dental insurance.I just learned recently that college athletes insurance plans dont cover dental and eye glasses.Unless they get money under the table or from family most of them live in poverty.

  2. I hearing that an ex BF leaked these if so you know there is more to come.If he was straight it would be non issue.But with the homophobia,the “boner” story,these pics,etc. Next Saturday is Pro day for him so we will see what happens.

    J ,what should he say IF he is asked about this pic since we cant see his face,there are no tattoos,etc? No comment?

    1. ^well for you,
      his pr can approve what is he and isn’t asked.
      many celebs who go on talk shows questions are filtered.
      the interview has to send in a list of questions can be asked.
      i’d have that question edited out since it isn’t a face shot or anything incriminating.

  3. Wow. I agree Jamari, that’s an ok alleged piece. But there’s more of this on the inter webs to come though.

    1. Unfortunately the story is already at bossip,MTO,queerty etc but all the stories are saying ALLEDGED pics.

      Im glad the pics are fake
      I hope he has a great NFL Pro Day.

  4. This dude strikes me as a fake, messy, asshole. I know I’m supposed to be all “whoo rah” gay power, but I mean really? This cat? Nah. He’s over here turning tricks for these white boys and then what do they do? Come right back and expose some new information every week.The whole situation is so much, smh.

  5. Jamari, yes, I see nothing to identify the person in the pic as Michael Sam. No scars, no face, no tattoos and the body is not as thick as Michael Sam has been recently. The only thing that might identify him is the bracelet that appears to be on his left arm. (But with the way pictures often get turned around in the Internet now-a-days, it might be on his right arm.) So I’m not convinced that the picture is of Michael Sam. If someone tells you of some identifying features, please let us know!

    Oh, it’s claimed that the picture is on Michael Sam’s Grind’r page. Big deal. Go on Adam4Adam.com or Grind’r or other sites and many times the face pics are fake. And probably more often the ass/dick/body pics are fake on such sites. (It may not be Michael Sam’s Grind’r profile, by the way. But even if it is his Grind’r profile, I suspect that Michael Sam was smart enough to put a fake body/dick/ass pic on Grind’r–again if that’s his profile there. And I applaud him for his intelligence in doing so! (By the way, some guys put actual face and ass/dick/body pics on sites like Adam4Adam.com because they want to be honest or because they want the hook-up not to be impeded by fake pics or because they don’t give a fuck who sees them or because they want bragging rights. But I don’t blame or fault people for putting fake pics on those sites. After all, a pic online can go around the world in under 10 seconds and ruin a career or reputation. Just as long as they are honest about their looks before meeting.)

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