Peanut Cracks Another DL Wolf?

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.39.37 PMso remember peanut?
he was the talk of many forests for “cross rhodes”.
well he went away for a while and he has made his return.
he was recently spotted with another premium wolf.
“theindustryonblast” on instagram posted this today…
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Everyone Meet Peanut (Allegedly)

“You are bout the most fraudulent blogger out here trolling my friend shit and stealing pics and sniffing through the people he knows, I know who you are and you have ZERO industry connects who would keep giving you information knowing that use it to spread negative shit…We gonna blast yo ass on diary of a hollywood street king like Necole Bitchie keep on!” – prodigy
peanut (allegedly)

dude i see your ip address.anigif_enhanced-30146-1393618606-33soooooooo…
that picture of chris brown came from his ( x instagram ).
the entry came from cnn.
i always add where i get my information from.
how am i being fraudulent if my “industry connect” are public sources?
not to mention how fast he changed his screen name once he was called out.
( x here )
i’m so confused right now.
should i be flattered with all of this?
if his alleged ex wasn’t straight,
and god wasn’t working on me,
i would go fuck him a few times outta spite.
don’t even get it twisted.
imagine us two in a private jet with him eating me out from jfk to lax.
finish it off with a shopping spree,
money for my rent and bills,
and a happy ending.
well waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit shit…
85586-Xtina-cringe-grabs-hair-The-Vo-6EAvthat sounds pretty good actually.

I Had Beef For Lunch

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 3.53.45 PM everyone meet “someone” sitting in the peanut gallery.
they decided to come at me sideways today over my site and kerry rhodes.
well we got into it today,
but i thought it was funny how it randomly went down.
check the convo on “her” end first (read from the bottom up)…
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The Alleged Reason Kerry Rhodes Got Rid of Peanut

helhathnofuryhe’s backkkkkkk.
well kinda.
so i got a f-bi from someone close to the “kerry rhodes/peanut” scandal.
they wanted to let me know peanut was STILL up to his old tricks.
they also wanted to shed some light on why kerry got rid of peanut.
disclaimer: i’m just the messenger!
so allegedly
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angry mob“he is the devil!”
“he’s kicking but we will pull him out the closet!”
“torch his reputation in flames!”
“find murder kill!”
“find murder kill!”

yesterday was an all out witch (or dick) hunt
it was lead by two queens.
intentions: doing something “good” for the world.
translation: 15 minutes of easy fame.
bimbo was in the new york times.
i’m still asking myself what is peanut achieving with his?
the villagers were at an all out search to find evidence on two big names in the industry’s sexuality.
the main comments i saw all across the board were:

“good i hate d.l men”
“now they won’t give anyone aids!”
“ha ha ha come out come out wherever you are!”

…and tho there are some risky type characters out there,
is every d/l man a bad one?
should they all be pulled out the closet for the world to see?
and when they do, what exactly happens next?
what if they commit suicide or go on a random killing spree?
target: bitches who were laughing at me.
then what?
i had to ask in the world of straight paranoid vixens…

Should every d/l man be pulled out his closet?


“Lets Get Fit!” With An Almost Naked Kerry Rhodes?

play_rhodes_paint_400it looks like peanut is on a revealing tangent.
after it was implied that kerry was allegedly banging maxwell,
the vomit rose in peanut’s throat.
so what would any common folk do?
well he:

a: says that he dating jason collins now

b: shows the world what he doesn’t have the luxury of having anymore

i mean look at all of this “alleged” prime beef here…

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