Peanut Cracks Another DL Wolf?

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.39.37 PMso remember peanut?
he was the talk of many forests for “cross rhodes”.
well he went away for a while and he has made his return.
he was recently spotted with another premium wolf.
“theindustryonblast” on instagram posted this today…

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.42.15 PMScreen Shot 2015-08-11 at 9.17.45 PM
…is this old?
i know they use to allegedly hang tough,
or what it seemed with the old photos during “cross rhodes”,
but who knows.
well according to “theindustryonblast”,
they allegedly met at a party and mechad was trying to rap to peanut.
someone snapped the picture of him allegedly trying to get at peanut.
doesn’t that sound familiar?
mechad could genuinely be his people.
just because two people are pictured together,
doesn’t always mean a penis has entered a mouth.
although this rings like a scheme.
but hey!
well if they likes it,
this fox loves it.
i got an email about it and the foxholer said:

“fems are winning”

some are out here winning,
but this situation with that individual ^uptop…

tumblr_inline_n4cr92PYBz1s3m2fonah homie.
looks like a future shit storm in the making.
stay tuned.

lowkey: after writing for the foxhole,
i don’t get jealous anymore.
we have seen how some of these stories end up.
just wait for it.
i hope peanut at least gets the pipe before he allegedly set these wolves up.
i mean mechad’s body tho…

i would have been suckin’ his brains out in secret.
tumblr_nlzg4c8qIM1tcbhsqo4_250…am i wrong?

*pictures credited to owners

picture taken: theindustryonblast

17 thoughts on “Peanut Cracks Another DL Wolf?

  1. “i would have been suckin’ his brains out in secret.”
    PREACH … i don’t know when discretion became taboo but trust me bih …
    let me pull a Jimmy Graham, a Fendi Onobun, a Kevin White, a Kam Chancellor, MUM is the word bih. MUM…IS…THE…WORD. Hell, I’d be leaving clubs as soon as they came in….
    One can be involved without being sloppy.
    One can be “enterprising” without being ostentatious. I’m just sayin’…

  2. REWIND! @JAY ‘s post “There is a correlation between black men that prefer white women that’ll dabble with men also…” Can we PLEASE get this convo rolling…I have often thought that to myself but…

  3. JAMARI, id this is true


    Get a MAN like Mechad

    Mechad looks like God spebt tine handcrafted his face and body

    He looks like A God

    This just upset me

    1. True or not, tell why shouldn’t him or “unattractive” (your word) folk get a man like Mechad? 😤😤😤

  4. this is all a ploy for followers by industryonblast. This is such old tea. To me, industryonblast is really bottom of the totem pole when it comes to gossip pages, they are worse than MTO with the lies. Chack their page, It’s more than just gossip writing with them. Most of their posts are spiteful, mean-spriited and plain hateful. I love good tea but I just had to unfollow.

  5. I think this is old, but on another note about 3 months ago, I saw the famous Peanut out in a gay club in my city. When I say me and my homie both said damn he pulled Kerry Rhodes, just goes to show you it aint about looks because he was busted AF in person and looked like the checks had stop coming in. He must have personality to go or gold in his twat. Personally I cant see any person in the public eye dealing with him except maybe as a midnight creep. But anyway Peanut, good luck. I am sure he will be in the comment section in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1…………….so happy for the shoutout and his name back in lights.

  6. I heard rumors about them a while back. I hope Mehcad paid attention to Kerry Rhodes situation. Seems like messy ones always pullings the wolves…..SMH

    1. I agree, this is ancient and I recall seeing this pic before. MTO used it this pic this morning and they always reaching for a story,” good lord”. I work with notables too and this makes me think about hitting it off with such. I know one R n B celebrity that give me some vibes though. I hope I snag me one and will keep an eye out for one in the forest.

  7. I swear Mehcad was briefly mentioned in that whole Kerry/Peanut debacle, so they probably knew each for awhile. Idk. Hollyweird is, well…weird, so idk what that relationship is all about. regardless, Mehcad better be careful though. Some people have their motives.
    Mehcad is so sexy though, wow. If I got a whiff that he got down hell, I’d be all over that too! Phew!
    Well probably not, because I’m not really like that but still!

  8. Mechad is kind overrated imo but it seems like Peanut’s doing something right.

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  9. I wouldn’t be surprised. There’s correlation between black men that prefer white women (like Mehcad) that’ll dabble with dudes as well.

  10. Looks like they are grazing at something idk either way I would hope after what happened to Kerry any industry wolf would know better than to even talk to peanut.

    1. J, that picture is from Oct 2013, check your archives.I recognized Peanut’s awful haircut and they are wearing the same clothes.

      1. Right. MTO and their lies. I knew it was old when I saw it and thought it looked familiar. I’m sure Hollywood does not even have that hairstyle anymore. SMH

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