you may never make it in hollywood if you’re poor with no connections

so we want to be actors,
pop stars,
or even content creators but you have no connections.
i.e: we are middle class or poor.
we look up to those before us that we admire.
as we listen to their struggles before they made it,
it helps boost us to keep trying when we have nothing left.

We spend our days fighting for support,
or a chance to sit at the table.

there we go,
looking at those we admire until we realize something

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according to gabrielle union, black folks in hollywood are suffering due to the rona

ya know,
a couple years ago,
i said to myself:

if some shit goes wrong tomorrow,
you have no money saved.
You are literally assed out.”

…and it took me down a rode of saving and understanding how credit works.
i’m still learning,
cause Lord knows i love to buy shit,
but i had to reel it back.
as black folks,
many of us were never taught how to save money for a rainy day.
we often get blinded by those who are flexing on social media,
but the rona has exposed how many were living paycheck to paycheck.

What businesses were basically paycheck to paycheck

gabrielle union took to “the jasmine brand” to talk about how the rona is effecting black hollywood.
it left me feeling two types of ways…
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tyler perry knows why you ignore him

one of the greatest things you could ever be is ignored.
it makes you to work harder with no distractions.
once you make it,
those who ignored you end up kissing your ass.
it’s tough while you’re going through it,
but the end result is fulfilling.
tyler perry knows who he is and what he’s about.
he knows who his work is for and what others have to say.
he told gayle king,
on “cbs this morning“,
that he understands why he’s ignored in hollywood…
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He Won’t Be The Last Dick You (Allegedly) Suck To Make It Big

i did not see that coming tonight.
i’ve been into all the current harvey weinstein alleged allegations.
it’s been the alleged talk in hollywood for years now.
he isn’t the only one with alleged smoke coming out their forest.
having talent is not easy.
being good looking can be a curse.
they gas you up into thinking:


…but at what price?
as a cub,
you sang/danced/acted/modeled in front of a mirror.
you pretended your bedroom was the main stage.
think: grammys or even the bet awards.
you spent countless hours working on your craft.
you took lessons or even majored in college to perfect it.
it’s a good given natural talent.
i know.
i’ve been there.
the problem is when you have no connections in the industry.
bright lights; big city.
you are literally starting from the bottom up.
that means you gotta hustle harder than some of the others.
the “big breakis a phone call away.
nepotism is their business card.
yours is:

hitting the pavement
getting rejected
having your self esteem lowered

…only to do it over and over again.
you get some little gigs here and there,
but the ultimate goal is your name in lights.
it’s tough and can almost be defeating.
that is until you meet someone

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Its Going To Be A Snow Storm In Hollywood This Year


so out of all the movies featuring black actors,
all which were pretty good movies,
its confusing how none of them were nominated.
its going to be a “white out” at the oscars this year.
i guess its only fitting since obama is leaving the white house this year.
well jada pinkett smith is calling for a boycott this year.
this is what she said on her twitter

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Peanut Cracks Another DL Wolf?

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 8.39.37 PMso remember peanut?
he was the talk of many forests for “cross rhodes”.
well he went away for a while and he has made his return.
he was recently spotted with another premium wolf.
“theindustryonblast” on instagram posted this today…
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