according to gabrielle union, black folks in hollywood are suffering due to the rona

ya know,
a couple years ago,
i said to myself:

if some shit goes wrong tomorrow,
you have no money saved.
You are literally assed out.”

…and it took me down a rode of saving and understanding how credit works.
i’m still learning,
cause Lord knows i love to buy shit,
but i had to reel it back.
as black folks,
many of us were never taught how to save money for a rainy day.
we often get blinded by those who are flexing on social media,
but the rona has exposed how many were living paycheck to paycheck.

What businesses were basically paycheck to paycheck

gabrielle union took to “the jasmine brand” to talk about how the rona is effecting black hollywood.
it left me feeling two types of ways…

first of all:

Can we font about her skin!?!?!?

that can’t be all “fenty beauty” because she is glowing.

so before the rona,
many were all about the flex.
they lived their lives apologetically and acted like they had it like that.
“us commoners couldn’t keep up with the money,
and jewels.”
now the rona is going into 2 months of lock down,
those same folks are crying about not being able to keep up with their lifestyles.
you should have been flexing in a savings account.
i don’t feel sorry for them.

i do,
feel for all the working black actors and actresses who are out of work.
as you know,
black hollywood doesn’t get paid as much as their white counterparts.
so your fav isn’t making the same bread as a tom cruise or a meryl streep.
viola davis is an amazing actress and she is getting peanuts compared to white actresses.
not everyone is b,
or ye.
this all leads back to:

Some of us not having our own…
Some of us not supporting our own

the rona should teach us that we are pretty much hanging on by a thread in this country.
now that the economy has taken such a hit,
it’s gonna be a real shit show once this is all over.

we need to start pulling it together.

7 thoughts on “according to gabrielle union, black folks in hollywood are suffering due to the rona

  1. Jamari, I know I was a little critical of your podcasts in the past, but I liked your message and delivery on this one…’re right. people are complaining about boredom instead of thinking about creating a survival strategy for the VERY NEAR future and beyond.

  2. Dwyane Wade is worth $120 million dollars so her usage of the word “us” should have been “them”, but its nice for her to call attention to black actors just the same..

  3. I imagine most actors, period, aren’t making that bank. How good of an actor you are doesn’t matter. What matters is box office.

    If you have a string of top box office movies, you can command top dollar.

    If you don’t, then I imagine it doesn’t work like that. Even with joining a franchise. If the franchise is new (aka BP, the studio has the leverage to wait and see)

  4. This pandemic is a reason to save for the unexpected but its surely to bad for Real estate entrepreneur who bought multiple properties and still owe mortgages now have file for bankruptcy to save there assets. I’ve been thinking about investing in property myself and boy I’ll just buy a duplex and call in a day.

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