the 15 year old made a youtube about the foxhole (everyone in the comments got called out)

when i use to go back and forth with mi,
i look back and realize how stupid it was.
she was a kid.
her brain wasn’t developed to understand where i was coming from.
it wasn’t until she hit rock bottom that she realized the error in her ways.
miss mamas decided to address the foxhole in a latest youtube video.
this is what he had to say

he said his side.
i feel like he’s young and high off of fame.
he doesn’t “get it” and at that age,
he won’t.
at 15,
or my own big/young “mysterious” age,
i wanted to move out of my parents house with my “ain’t shit friends” at the time.
i had no job and no savings to move,
but what sold me was the apartment had a big ass speaker in the living room.

See what I mean?

so going back and forth with a 15 year old,
or his big/young “mysterious” age,
won’t lead to anything but frustration.
i hope that one day,
he can understand where my “poorly written article” was coming from.
it had less to do with him,
but more to do with the grown ass porn star that should have known better.
i will font this:

Miss Mamas…
There are males who are going to be preying on you because of your fame.
Those grown ass males are not your babies.

You are still “the baby”.

please take care of yourself in these online forests!

low-key: he said he brought rhyheim on his live to promote him.
rhyheim is a pretty famous black porn star in these forests.
why does he need promotion from a 15 year old?

31 thoughts on “the 15 year old made a youtube about the foxhole (everyone in the comments got called out)

  1. I just glanced over the comments, not knowing what is going on and didn’t pay too much attention to anything else until I saw the word pedophilia in someone’s comment…….

  2. LIL GIRL—GO SAT DOWN SOMEWHERE and focus on finishing high school. Yes Rhyheim’s pedophilic self (just like Max Konnor and a few others) will probably fuck you down behind closed doors, over, and over, and over, and over again, until your hole looks like a dried up New York Highway pothole. HOWEVER when they are done with you they will toss you to the side like the child you are and go find another child from your first period to play with. Leave those grown ass pedophiles alone and stop thinking this is about you!

  3. The saying “A hit dog will holler” comes to mind. Let him fuck up his life. He’s on the express track to destruction so to hell with him.

  4. You are doing the right thing by not arguing with this child. The commenters on your blog were concerned about his welfare and well-being, not trying to read or talk him down.

    I hope he realizes this but sometimes we miss what’s right in front of us, especially when we’re young, and as a young Black gay man with clout he’s a target for a lot of different predators, so more than anything I hope someone can offer him advice he’ll listen to, that he’ll focus on his studies, and that he’ll slow down his roll, because he seems to be moving a bit too fast for his own good.

    As for the 40-something porn star, he should know better. If not, an episode of To Catch a Predator will surely jog his memory.

  5. He thought HE was giving “PROMOTION“ to Rhyheim?! 🤦🏾‍♂️ It’s sad these Kids today will NEVER know real fame & real stars like in the 90s, all they know is this low-bar, broken down, talentless sub level of “fame” they think Instagram & YouTube are some real “platform” and they think people that press a follow button on a FREE picture app means that they are “famous” it’s really sad, cause there WAS a time in the 90s where if you said “fame” names Like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Etc. Came to mind….look what we have now, talentless people thinking they are in any position to “give promotion” Ugh the bar is SO LOW

  6. All I can say is that I’m glad social media wasn’t as big as it is now when I was 15. Looking back I cringe so hard at my antics, I’m glad all we had was the chirping Nextel phones and MySpace. Nothing to record my crazy for the world to see over and over. I don’t know who this young man got in his life guiding him but best of luck.

    Whew chile….dis tew much.

  7. Jamari … what u do is more “social commentary.”

    I love it.

    Yes, you refer to news articles and u also provide some exclusives, but u still editorialize when doing so (providing ur opinion) because that’s what makes ur site unique.

    For that little boy not to know that (or understand that u are a social commentator and not a journalist on CNN) proves what u initially stated about him.

  8. Wow, that video just confirmed that this is a child. I agree Jamari, leave this one alone. Hopefully there are people around him who will protect him. I hope one day he will be able to see that it’s not appropriate for a GROWN ass man to be promoting his sex work with a CHILD. Even if most of his supporters are older……it’s gross.

    Call the police.

  9. Actually…. I kinda like his savy at debating and defending his viewpoint. You go young man.

  10. second- people are only talking about it because they are concerned.

    No one cares if you’re smart or not. The (mostly) adults on this site have had YEARS of experience and understanding of grown human nature that stripped away our naivete- something you still naturally have in abundance because you’re A CHILD.

    People prey on younger people who are too ignorant (not an insult but the literal definition of the word) to know better. They can see where and how to bind you to their agenda and all anyone here is saying is we don’t want to see you end up on that road.

    No one has to care about you and what you do. But luckily for you, there are actually people out here interested in the safety and security of our youth. They sleep better knowing kids like you aren’t caught in someones web.

    It’s for your benefit, sir. Yours alone. Mull that over next time you try to come for anyone on this blog.

  11. Look, child. First things first. And i’ll keep it short since you can’t read past a paragraph…

    Your comments on journalism and opinion….this is a BLOG, booboo. Written-form thoughts, much like a journal. This isn’t some CNN/dailymail/NBC news publication. It’s entire basis is predicated on opinions. It exists to be partial and biased- the musings of the author, whatever they might be.

    but you’re graduating a year early with your 4.0 GPA so sorry if anyone thought you’d be quick enough to reach that conclusion from a 10-second glance at the website.

  12. I couldn’t get past the AWFUL reading comprehension. He was mispronouncing so many easy words I was worried watching the video. He could barely pronounce Rhyheim’s name.

  13. Just by default, no type of energy should be directed toward this boy because He’s underage. It should all be directed towards the adults who are following and contacting him. Whether it’s business related or not it’s not appropriate especially as a porn star with a already controversial and provocative image to be conversing with someone who is not an adult. Ofcourse teenagers know right from wrong, and many times seek older people than them do date or converse with. But it’s up to the adult to set that boundary and let them no it’s not legally or morally correct. The promo exchange between them I don’t have a problem with. But the subtle flirting and conversation about sex and sugar daddies are unsettling.

  14. Miss Mama really thinks she’s doing something, huh? Shame she’s too blinded by clout to see she in shark-infested waters. insert Whoopi “You in danger, girl” gif here

  15. So, according to his own analytics, 74% of his follow are between the ages of 18-34 (with another 14% 35
    or older). I didn’t get to see the gender analytics, but I’m going to assume “miss mama’s” audience id primarily male…. Those two facts alone are incredibly disturbing.

  16. The fact that your article got his attention means that people are watching your blog frequently. As for Miss Mama’s SIT YA ASS DOWN and stay in a child’s place. No 15 year old should be on IG Live with a adult porn star PERIOD. Some people shouldn’t have children because their lack of parenting leads to bullshit decisions. But he’s not a factor… Moving on

  17. Wow ,,fascinating.. I’m glad our comments and your article got his attention( smile)

  18. I’m glad that all of us in the fokhole (foxhole) are able to shine light on borderline pedophilia.
    4.0 GPA?!?!? WHERE? It’s quite sad that this child is gaining notoriety…and for WHAT? What is he “influencing” on social media? What is his brand?

    He needs to focus on mastering reading and comprehending on a 5th grade level so that he can catch up quickly before he graduates high school! Don’t get me wrong, I think it’s great that he’s flexing his entrepreneurial muscles but being a social media influencer is not the best career path for a young budding high school-er IMO. I wish him all the best, and I hope influencers like Funky Dineva, TS Madison, and Armon Wiggins provide some coaching for him.

  19. It’s best to just let this go. You are not one of his parents or caregivers. Writing about him will only harm this child. You are feeding his ego and contributing to his idea that he is a big deal. There are many others that will prey on that ego. Just stop interacting with him and hope everything turns out for the best. No more post about him. You are hurting more than you are helping.

  20. I guess he told us. No need to go back and forth with him. He thought you were attacking him but we were just showing concern. That’s all.

  21. You just writing about this “kid” is giving him attention. I understand where it all came from, him being live with a porn star at his age is a red flag period.
    He needs to spend more time reading and less time on social media.
    Where are his parents?

    Too much freedom at this age is never a good thing.
    Please stop giving him attention Jamari.
    Before you I never heard of him and I’m sure it’s the same for most of your followers.

    Take care J😘

    1. Never heard of the kid either. But we can’t see the video anymore. Probably for the best

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