kellon busts out with the video for “quarantine bae”

well at least if you were quarantining with kellon,
you won’t be hungry because he has money.

so kellon deryck,
or kellon,
has finally released the video to his song,
“quarantine bae”.
it’s so weird to put “his song” and “kellon” in the same sentence.
the video also stars the gorgeous,
megan thee stallion.
this is the video…

if his tail didn’t make an appearance,
i’d boo.
borderline mid,
but the chorus is catchy.
that’s what really sells the song.
too bad he is engaged.
he could have gotten some good head off this video.
the video says:

I’ve got nice things during quarantine and you don’t.
I will fuck you on all of these nice things tho.”


it kinda looked like a spoof of someone else’s video.
kinda like chris rock’s champagne“:

if we all had money,
had famous connects,
and could do whatever we wanted,
we would make songs and videos because we’re bored.

I am waiting for Kellon to perform this song.


i’ll be front row for that.
you can listen to “quarantine bae” on all major streaming platforms.

low-key: i hope kellon has some a1 pipe.
all of this will mean nothing if he can’t fuck your brains out. 

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

27 thoughts on “kellon busts out with the video for “quarantine bae””

  1. Is it me or does he look different? I dunno if it’s the harbor his face, I mean he’s stI’ll attractive but there’s something…lol

  2. I’m actually feeling it and him.. It’s about time “WE”Boyz had a Hot,Gay Male Eye Candy to BOP too.

    Straight men have had the Cassies,Vanitys, Apolonia’s ( Hot Pussy With a Mic) for decades!!!! ( hehehe)

  3. I can just watch this shit on mute and make up my own dialogue. Trust me it’s a lot better than the lyrics. He is so damn fine.

    1. ^that was my issue with it.
      we didn’t need to see the cars and all the designer shit.
      it came off too try hard,
      but maybe i expected something sexier?

  4. Am I the only one who thinks this is NOT a good look? He can’t sing and the song is terrible. I hope this is just a one off and he’s not trying to start a singing career. This is corny, desperate, and such a turn off.

    1. @Caz: You are not the only one. I was wondering if anyone else in the comments was going to feel that way. 30 seconds in I was like “nope, next”. I stuck around hoping he’d get naked to no avail. At least “nasty girl”, “sex shooter” and “me & u” were hot ass records despite vocal limitations…

  5. Hook is nice!

    Dude is handsome!

    Singing is…I don’t know what to make of it…

    I’m getting an attempt at Tank…but I may be Wrong! 🤷🏿‍♂️
    I’m curious to how he wants to lead his career though.

    Is he going to be the guy that everyone knows is gay but has female love interests in in his music and videos?

    I don’t know, he’s clearly not worried about it so we probably shouldn’t either!

    Or maybe we are too hard on our own…

    Elton John, Freddie Mercury and DONT get me started on “They” Sam Smith who are celebrated for everything they are.

    Hey man life is short the man wants to sing I say let him sing!

    The video was nice!

    I wish him well, he has my support!

    1. You have to be seriously joking, right? You’re going to compare this dumpster fire of a song/video to Grammy-award winning artists? I’m no big fan of Elton, Freddie, or Sam but the difference between them and Kellon are the fact that they can hold a note unassisted by autotune. Secondly, there are lots of “us” that are unknowns, don’t have an attentionisto body, and aren’t focused on stunting that have great voices. Walk through or ride a train on any subway in New York and you’d be surprised how many black voices could outsing some popular artists.

  6. Good vocals: Non-Existent

    Maybe he should’ve tried to rap and let someone else sing his hook.

    I’m just surprised that this even happened. Was everyone around him Yes-men & Yes-women? Where were the no-people at?

    He’s handsome though.

  7. Yes, he is attractive. Body is bangin.
    Is this a hit…No!
    I give him a B+ for thinking this song was worth shooting a video for.
    If he wants to make cash, alot of cash…he needs a OnlyFans pg, if he doesn’t have one yet!
    Just saying😘

  8. Most of you guys just saying he is hot because of his looks. Song is trash an the straight concept boy bye

  9. If he had actually put any effort into trying to sound good instead of being lazy with autotune, then maybe the comments would be about his music and not his looks.

    This wasn’t even on Cassie’s Me and You level smh.

    Megan is too nice.
    I don’t know if he’s her friend, but she should have told him she can’t be attached to anything half-azzed. If you’re going to attach yourself to someone famous, you better have created something timeless so people pay attention.

    This was his shot and he blew it.

    That jacket with the letters all over it is SO new money. I hope his networth increases in the next 5 years, because this was a bad investment.

  10. I’ll be blunt. He’s good looking but not good singing. The music is terrible, he can’t hold a cohesive note and making a song centering around an infectious & murderous disease is rather obtuse..

  11. why he playing to the straights tho. everyone knows he’s gay. A better video concept would have been to have signs of someone else in the house but you never see them. or you if you see them its always just as the turn the corner or close the door so you never really sure who or WHO it is.
    Vocals are trash. Lyrics same. cute lil something if you 14 and writing your own love song.

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