i am literally at the mercy of appletv+ at the moment (i’m it’s bitch and i don’t care)

this the best 5 bucks i think i’ve ever spent.
so as you know,
being confined to our homes is making us binge a lot of tv.
shows we probably never would have cared to look at are now in our ques.
when we weren’t on lock down,
i wanted to watch “the morning show” on apple tv+,
but i was so mentally preoccupied with other things.
it all started when i watched the free episode of “defending jacob” yesterday…

…which stars chris evans.


i was so distracted by chris good looks…

…but i managed to get it together to pay attention to the story.
after that first episode,
i was like “lemme go ahead and sign up“.
i ended up binging all 4 episodes in one sitting.


this is the best performance i’ve seen chris give,
this show really highlighted what a good actor he is.

after i was done with that,
i asked foxholers about “the morning show“,
which stars reese witherspoon and jennifer anniston.





i give props for so perfectly executing the #metoo movement for the plot line.
i don’t think i’ve seen a show about sexual misconduct in the workplace being highlighted.
you know i’m obsessed because i wrote this entry to the soundtrack of this show.


well done.

first of all,
this is the best acting i’ve seen from rachel green from “friends”.
reese witherspoon has been picking the best scripts as of late.
her agent must be Jesus.
i’m so use to steve carrell being funny,
but he so convincing in such a serious role.
everyone on this show is giving amazing performances.
gugu mbatha-raw (hannah) and karen pittman (mia) also blow me away.
i’m hooked and i’m only on episode 5.
i’ve legit had “edge of my seat” moments while watching.
you know i LOVE good tv and i’m feeling they are about to sweep for award season.


it’s free for 7 days and it’s 4.99 after.
“defending jacob” episodes are released every friday.
the entire season of “the morning show” is currently on the platform.
i really want to read your thoughts on these shows!

i haven’t watched “ozark” yet,
but that will be next.

low-key: i love how apple products are all over the backgrounds on these shows.
they almost work as background characters.
apple was like we gonna brand the shit outta these shows.

8 thoughts on “i am literally at the mercy of appletv+ at the moment (i’m it’s bitch and i don’t care)

  1. I’m glad you enjoyed the Morning Show. I was hearing mixed reviews when it initially came out, but I decided to give it shot. It’s really good!! Everyone played their role very well.

    I will check out the show with Chris Evans since you said it was good. And please watch Ozark. It is one of the best shows out now. The third season was something else.

  2. You should see Hollywood on Netflix. 85 percent true with the stuff on old Hollywood and all the gay secrets going on then with Rock Hudson and such. I wasn’t prepared for the full frontal pool party ala Bryan Singer. The black lead and dude from the practice are really good in this. I didn’t know the gas station was real until Google confirmed it. They even gave Queen Latifah something to “Do”. Lots of eye candy.

    1. ^immmmmmmmmm gonna watch that after “the morning show” then LOL
      you are the the third foxholer to mention “hollywood” on netflix.

    2. @ Willie Dynamite:
      I was floored with Hollywood on Netflix…you should check out Dust Till Dawn the series..if you liked Hollywood..

  3. Omg everything is getting binged. I had my boy out in PA tell me about the Ozarks. I gotta binge that plus The second season of You. I just got Hulu back and I’m binging Outlaw Star. Apple TV is that good? I have CBS All Access, Netflix, and Hulu. I might gotta watch the show though. Lol

    1. ^i mean it’s free for 7 days!
      you can always cancel if you don’t like it,
      but the shows are GOOOOOOOOOOD.
      the way they are shot tho…

      first off,
      the shots of new york in “the morning show” are exquisite.
      the overhead shots of the town they filmed “defending jacob” are breathtaking.

      i bet apple gonna tell us these were shot with an iphone lol

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