well one thing you can say about dababy is he’s a “hit” maker (allegedly)

i cracks myself up.
wtf is going on with dababy?

every other month,
he is in some shit.
you’d think as a new rapping wolf,
his only job was to make hits and not allegedly hit other people.
tmz” reported another alleged scandal involving dababy…

7 thoughts on “well one thing you can say about dababy is he’s a “hit” maker (allegedly)

  1. I’m so done with TMZ and anything they report, it’s always been a known fact that the commenters are predominantly white people who often say horrible things about POC but today they reported on Minnie from little people tragic death and how she may have been at fault due to accidental swerving and the comments legit had me in tears that even dead white people are cruel and disgusting and not much will change that but TMZ REALLY need to moderate their comments better. It’s disgusting and insensitive especially when you know the person that all these things are being said about. Kobe was really the last straw for me but this has sent me over the edge.

  2. He is a Hood Booger and problematic don’t nobody wanna be around that shit. Grow up my G. He a lil money and now acting stupid. Next

  3. I believe if you keep hearing the same thing over and over again, it could be some truth too it. Dababy is a hot head…Period!
    His list of “allegations” are long like his dick “allegedly” (in my Wendy Williams voice lol)
    Alot of these rappers act a fool all day in the hood b4 they become famous…Do you think fame and money will make them act differently? Hell Nooooo it will be worst.
    Dababy needs to get his act together, because right now he is the “hotboy” of rap, but I can guarantee you by July someone else will be the new upcoming “hotboy” of rap.
    For now I “Blame it on Baby” (title of his current album) 😉

  4. Jamari, help me! I swear I can suck his toes better than his baby mama. PLEASE don’t let this man come near me ’cause y’all ain’t gonna see him no more during quarantine.

  5. You’ve never fonted about meeting Beyonce’!!!!! You fonted about meeting Jay-z though. Anyway IDK about dababy. Just another narcissistic rapper.

    1. ^yeah i met her before blue.
      i think she might have been in the early stages of pregnancy.
      she came to one of my past jobs and no one knew she was coming.
      that was the monday i didn’t get a cut over the weekend and i was lowkey sick.

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