i am literally at the mercy of appletv+ at the moment (i’m it’s bitch and i don’t care)

this the best 5 bucks i think i’ve ever spent.
so as you know,
being confined to our homes is making us binge a lot of tv.
shows we probably never would have cared to look at are now in our ques.
when we weren’t on lock down,
i wanted to watch “the morning show” on apple tv+,
but i was so mentally preoccupied with other things.
it all started when i watched the free episode of “defending jacob” yesterday…

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I Have A Heart Problem (Due To Past Addictions)

i always love the definition of “savage mode”.
it’s when you have no fucks to give and express it through actions.
now for some,
it can be used to hurt the innocent.
the ones who are totally fed up use it to let others now:

“I Ain’t that One”

it also seems like a lonely life to live every single day.
i feel savage mode should be turned on and off.
give it when it needs to be given.
you know what
has been hurting me the most lately?
well i’ll tell you…
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Addictions to My Phone, Volume Something


is your phone constantly in your paws?
does the thought of not checking your social media make you sick?
when does the withdrawal start if you don’t pick up your phone?
do you need to take a selfie every hour?

it’s not surprise we are addicted to our phones.
i often ask myself…
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Travis Cure Wants 2 Get You Addicted

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 1.01.49 PMso imagine if travis cure lived in your building/block.
lets say you needed help with something and he came to save the day.
what would you do to thank him?
okay now wait…
this may have been a christianity infused question.
it is sunday!
anyway he is did just that,
along with all his his dark manly chocolatey goodness,
in this latest music video by tawana lael.
  its called “addicted”
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I’m Addicted To Soft Porn and Love Scenes

tumblr_nd9g0lU7vu1rstn0po1_500i wanted to see “addicted” this weekend.
like really wanted too.
it was battling greasy chicken and bad ass kids on saturday.
plus it was pouring and blah.
today i was planning on going to see it.
well i heard from multiple sources,
or my people and the f-bi,
that this movie was absolutely…
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Addicted (Sex Is On My Menu)

0978074344284_500X500speaking of “addicted”…
i think zane’s “addicted” was the only book from her i liked.
no offense.
well thats a lie.
the first “zane’s sex chronicles”.
i read “addicted” couple years ago on accident.
2 days.
it was like black folk’s “50 shades of grey”.
so i decided to go read something else from her.
it involved three sisters and it was going good…
until the midget sex farm.
not to mention the stripper whose pipe got stuck in one and she had to call for help.
“like wtf is this crap?”
needless to say i was over it.
so i was excited when i saw the new trailer for the movie,
“addicted” and…
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