most white people will not understand the black struggle because of…(story time)

a few years ago,
and “name annoying ass job here“,
i was frustrated with the current surroundings.
the job was stressful and i was at my wits end.
a white vixen that i was cool with would always come to my desk to chat.
she was trying to start a fan page over her primal lust for sebastian stan.

i wonder if she smashed him yet.
she was obsessed.
at this point,
i never told her about the foxhole but i mentioned i had a website.
she was unsure about how to get sponsors for her endeavors.
i started to vent about how nervous i was to pursue them for mine.
she said something that made me realize how differently we saw things

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their bad is bigger than my bad so… my bad?

when we are going through it,
everyone else looks shiny and new.
you’re home; they’re out
you’re broke, they’re buying versace
you’re single; they’re riding the d train to countless orgasms
usually when this is happening,
we are in an emotional desert and our minds are playing tricks on us.
every single time that i look at others and feel sudden insecurities,
like i’m missing out or my life really sucks compared to,
they end up telling me how

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according to gabrielle union, black folks in hollywood are suffering due to the rona

ya know,
a couple years ago,
i said to myself:

if some shit goes wrong tomorrow,
you have no money saved.
You are literally assed out.”

…and it took me down a rode of saving and understanding how credit works.
i’m still learning,
cause Lord knows i love to buy shit,
but i had to reel it back.
as black folks,
many of us were never taught how to save money for a rainy day.
we often get blinded by those who are flexing on social media,
but the rona has exposed how many were living paycheck to paycheck.

What businesses were basically paycheck to paycheck

gabrielle union took to “the jasmine brand” to talk about how the rona is effecting black hollywood.
it left me feeling two types of ways…
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(in) between me and you

most folks don’t ever talk about their “in between” phase.
you ever notice that?
the “in-between” is like the points on a “12 inch ruler.

you can think of those as the times in between the grind.
it’s from when you got into struggle and when you got out.
most folks don’t ever mention those moments.
it was a time when it either made them bitter or better.
we are so use to seeing the after tho.
the “buying gucci” and “being able to eat at stk”.
what about the times they couldn’t afford any of that?
when you was at they was at their wits end?

they don’t mention when

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Just Enunciate Floyd!

Screen Shot 2015-05-03 at 6.53.13 PMi guess…
when are worth 380 million dollars,
you don’t need to know your wording?
that was sad to actually type that.
well an f-bi sent a video of floyd mayweather struggling in an “after fight” interview.
the word?
check it out…
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The Fight of my Life (Round 2015)

53806_muhammad_ali_nokaut1this is one of my favorite pictures.
its muhammad ali looking at his latest victim,
sonny liston,

sit cho blockhead ass down nugga

i want this picture framed after ive made it.
hanging right in my townhouse or condo.
in my living room.
every time i look at it,
it will represent the fight of my life.
always winning even if i thought that i lost.
i know the foxhole is always trying to prove ourselves.
its tiring ain’t it?
we put up a good fight tho.
belee dat!
life is funny.
its like we are always fighting.
fighting people.
fighting ourselves.
fighting our circumstances.
some people have it easy.
they don’t even need to step in the ring of life.
they win just off the strength.
others are always sparring.
always training.

the funny thing is…
these battles are always leading you to where you need to be.
that was my day today.
i’m going to start a timeline of how shit went down…
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