their bad is bigger than my bad so… my bad?

when we are going through it,
everyone else looks shiny and new.
you’re home; they’re out
you’re broke, they’re buying versace
you’re single; they’re riding the d train to countless orgasms
usually when this is happening,
we are in an emotional desert and our minds are playing tricks on us.
every single time that i look at others and feel sudden insecurities,
like i’m missing out or my life really sucks compared to,
they end up telling me how

…unhappy they are,
how everything isn’t what it seems,
and what problems are actually happening in the bathroom

and then that dopamine hit rushes through my veins.
their issues reassure me that i’m not the only one.

“They’re just like me!”
“I’m not alone!”

play that michael jackson song please:

a friend of mine,
who i thought was living a good life and went quiet for that reason,
updated me about their life yesterday and:

fomo is defined as the “fear of missing out“…

But why do we need to know others are struggling to help us feel better?

a life without issues isn’t a life at all.
…or something like that.
all of us have our own struggles and demons we are working through/on.
a good time is usually just a break before having to confront them again.
that doesn’t make us any better or worse than the people around us.
it made me have to ask myself if…
people post their lives to look brighter than they really appear but…

…Why do we need to know someone’s light bill in order to feel brighter about our own lives?

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

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