black mirror predicted this ai sh*t but we weren’t listening (we hearing now tho)

black mirror was onto something.
that show continues to be ahead of its time.
one day,
there will be no use for humans anymore.
like in those futuristic movies,
it will a wasteland where everything is run by machines.
you’d think humans would realize the terror in that but nope

We like to run toward danger and be confused when it bites back.

some of our favs have been singing other people’s songs.

isn’t this shit is wildddddddddd?
drake is TITE:

this is lowkey scary and cool at the same time.
be careful picking up the phone too:

lowkey: i ain’t even gonna cap,
some of these ai songs are pretty good.
these artists will never die.

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

6 thoughts on “black mirror predicted this ai sh*t but we weren’t listening (we hearing now tho)”

  1. People think it’s all fun w computers and ‘convenient’ until they realize that no one has a job anymore. You’d think the fact that they opened a fully computer operated McDonald’s with no human staff and are thirsting to replace uber drivers w self driving cars would make ppl really uncomfortable, but I guess since social media has made ppls social lives things that actively exist in make believe land, ppl think that life can exist comfortably in the futuristic worlds of video games and comic book fantasy.

      1. Yea, it’s pathetic. And if ceos are thirsty to replace minimum wage employees w computers, imagine what they have up their sleeves for the ppl who they actually pay solid salaries to. And Levi’s is pathetic for saying that, since black models don’t exist after all…

  2. These sound “AI generated”. It’s like it takes the words and syllables from the original artist and chains them together . It lacks spontaneous human warmth.

    These are the T-Pains of 2023 .Very auto tune- ish !!!

    There is something very off about them. It’s a gimmick that’s fun when you hear it for 30 seconds.

    Now I’m sure in time they will sound dead on. Ha ha ha

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