their bad is bigger than my bad so… my bad?

when we are going through it,
everyone else looks shiny and new.
you’re home; they’re out
you’re broke, they’re buying versace
you’re single; they’re riding the d train to countless orgasms
usually when this is happening,
we are in an emotional desert and our minds are playing tricks on us.
every single time that i look at others and feel sudden insecurities,
like i’m missing out or my life really sucks compared to,
they end up telling me how

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grandy glaze and malik joseph address the black community about its issues

so grandy glaze and his content hubby,
malik joseph,
wanted to have a serious conversation with us.
they didn’t fuck.
i don’t know whats the hold up tbh.
grandy uploaded a video on his youtube titled:

“The scary truth about being gay in the black community *a must watch”

and they had thoughts about all the hatin’ within the black community
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the big unhappy, but we need to stand with each other, family that is the black community

if it came out that george floyd was gay,
had a gay porn past,
and was at the gay club every weekend faithfully:

Would the straight black community be marching and protesting for his death?

would they have burned down whole cities for police brutality?
i can font without a doubt that i couldn’t see it.
call me pessimistic,
but there are layers within the black community that aren’t being confronted.
it’s a similar action to how it is in some of our families.
“don’t talk about it and it’ll go away“.
big mama and nem will fight to get our crackhead cousin clean,
but don’t want to acknowledge they’re on crack at the dinner table.

“I don’t want to hear about your cousin Jean.
Just give him the money and I’ll continue to pray he gets his life together.”

have we discussed how toxic black christianity can be…?
this current climate blew the lid of the segregation within the black community.
folks want to sit down at the cookout table and talk about the issues,
but there are starting to be a few whispers now that things are dying down.
a foxholer sent me these two videos from black gays voicing their concerns…

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An iPhone Was Rebuilt On The 4th (Again)

*today started out so annoying.
i had no plans for the 4th anyway.
i’ve kinda cut myself off due to all my employment issues.

so my iPhone has been acting up.
heavy and disrespectful like.
the battery literally drains by the second.
i can be on my phone for a little bit and i’m down almost 20%.
it never did that before.
not to mention it gets warm on some completely random shit.
after that last update,
it’s like all hell broke loose.
whats up?
so i was all expecting either a new battery or whole new phone.
the latter actually.
well the apple store told me otherwise this morning…

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When Karaoke Gives You An “A-Ha” Moment About Racial Issues

like the foxhole,
always has a way of making me see another side of things.
if i didn’t,
i’d always be ignorant.
we were having a discussion about the whole ( x evan klinger ) situation today.
i believed the snow jackal was wrong.
she believed both were wrong.
this is what she said…

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oh foxhole…
things are a little rough right now in the realm…