grandy glaze and malik joseph address the black community about its issues

so grandy glaze and his content hubby,
malik joseph,
wanted to have a serious conversation with us.
they didn’t fuck.
i don’t know whats the hold up tbh.
grandy uploaded a video on his youtube titled:

“The scary truth about being gay in the black community *a must watch”

and they had thoughts about all the hatin’ within the black community

so i’ll be 100 on the objective scale:

I agree with many of the points that they addressed.

the black community is very segregated in terms of supporting each other.
generational curses and toxic religion being the centerpiece for that.
being gay within the black community is still a taboo issue.
it’s not as bad as it was,
but outside of social media,
there are some real demons and haters in these forests.

Remember: there is a real-world outside of social media.

other races can get away with gay shit faster than black folks.
this is why many black males (and even vixens) stay on the DL or choose to be discreet.
it’s safer in the closest for many.
black folks are still the lowest on the totem pole,
but still the highest in expectancy and “showing up”.

it seems like grandy and malik expect folks to not talk about them.
they decided to go the route of fame and sex work.
as males in a very judgmental community,
they’re gonna get hated on.
anyone who chooses to put their lives,
and sexuality out there will invite criticism.
real talk,
the black community has a shit ton of work to do but:

Grandy and Malik come off like raging attentionistos

they’ll do anything for attention.
sometimes it’s entertaining…

and other times it’s heavy on the “wtf?“.
i can’t get off to it at times.
so i get what they’re saying,
but at the same time,
they chose this path of life and career.
Β the critiques that come with that have no skin color.

lowkey: i’ve seen white blogs dog out white celebs.
the issue is they’ll protect each other while black folks get chewed tf up and spit out everywhere.
some of us don’t even stand with each other when that happens.
some of us join right in.

5 thoughts on “grandy glaze and malik joseph address the black community about its issues

  1. i have followed ur blog for years and enjoy your content. i’ve never posted a comment before. But can i ask please, please, please, please, please, please, please no more Grandy glaze. i can’t take any more 😩😩😩😩😩😩😩

    1. ^you know its bad when folks are done with you LOL

      if anything major happens,
      i’ll post,
      but i’m done with him too.
      he has made him extremely wack and a lot of people are tired of the overkill antics.

      thank you syd for being in the fohxole and showing me love!

  2. Malik did all that preaching only to turn around and ALLEDGLY stab the pornstar Knockout so forgive me if I give him the side eye πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’

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