omari hardwick wants us to look at his bawdy as he talks about the george floyd verdict

i knew someone who interviewed omari hardwick during his “power” days and she said:

“That little muthafucka can talk.
I couldn’t even use the whole interview.”

he had all the vixens in the office salivating,
but he is can be too much.
her words.
not mine.
omari hardwick isn’t “ghost” from power.
the swag that ghost has is absent.
we have established this tho.
he puts the weirdest shit on his social media.
Β this is what he put up for george floyd’s verdict…

what is omari even talking about?
now i’m always down to look at his bawdy or even see him in a sex scene,
but Lawd ham mercy is he self-absorbed af.
the hashtag says #verdictday,
but he is talking about his art,
and his fans.


what does that have to do with his thoughts about the verdict being read?
i’d like to think omari is trolling,
but he be deadass with the shenanigans.
i’ll admire him in hisprojects or on mute.

he is the type you let smash with limited pillow talking.

lowkey: i hate when sexy people do non-sexy shit.

Author: jamari fox

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3 thoughts on “omari hardwick wants us to look at his bawdy as he talks about the george floyd verdict”

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