was ma’khia bryant killed unfairly in columbus ohio? or was she wrong?

black folks are angry.
we don’t know if we’ll be killed by a simple routine traffic stop.
right after the wild animal who killed george floyd was convicted,
we had another victim by the paws of the police.
it involved 16-year old,
ma’khia bryant,
from columbus, ohio.

she was involved in an altercation where she was trying to stab vixens with a knife.
she didn’t comply with the police and they shot her 4 times,
which ended up killing her.
this is the bodycam footage and it’s extremely graphic…


i’m gonna font a controversial opinion after watching the video:

Both parties are wrong in this incident.

i know we want to be mad and protest…

but ma’khia was out here trying to kill people.

“She’s a fuckin’s kid.”

a kid with a knife.
we watched two kids hijack a car and kill an innocent uber driver too.
( x
see that here )
ma’khia didn’t even flinch when the cops showed up and warned her to stop.
could they have used a taser on her?
that is where the officer was wrong.

Why did she need to be shot 4 times?

she could have been shot in the thigh or even a warning shot.
if she was white,
would she have been shot and killed like that?
he needs to lose his badge and the police need more training.
i feel like the police in the movies don’t shoot to kill like this.

This whole situation could have been handled differently on all sides.

this isn’t like george floyd,
who died by being that the wrong place at the wrong time.
this was someone being violent,
but if white hyenas get spared for their violence (and sometimes taken to mcdonalds after),
black hyenas should get the same courtesy.


x read more about the story here

Author: jamari fox

the fox invited to the blogging table.

10 thoughts on “was ma’khia bryant killed unfairly in columbus ohio? or was she wrong?”

  1. So tired of this daily occurrence between the black community and the police. Black people play into the hands of the police all the fucking time.

    They know the System is stacked against them. They know chances are high that a black person will be killed when a police is involved. They know police have a double standard when its policing black residents and white residents and yet black people set themselves up every fucking day and play into the hands of the police. In this case Jamari you are 💯 correct. All parties are wrong. We have seen over and over and over again white people, in far more threatening situation with the police, live and have a burger at the local McDonald’s on the way to the police station. They shoot and kill black people. They restrain and appease white people.

    This must be the message in the protest. The Double Standards is racist, plain and simple. The young lady could have lived to tell her story but the black man’s story is not valid in white America. No amount of protest will change that DNA of America. It is what it is. When you hit a Pig dont expect anything but a grunt.

  2. Gurl was a foster kid. She didn’t have parents to help her. She probably was dealing with all sorts of trauma, which maybe why she was so aggressive.

      1. The bigger question is why did she have a knife when on the 911 call she complained of the attackers having a knife. The fact that she was about to stab that woman in pink (or the dog she was carrying) is the reason that officer had limited options. If he let her stab the lady I guess everybody would be happy? We call the police but then got something to say when things go left? She lost her life (tragic) but she decided to pick up the knife.

        1. The cop had limited options, but at the end of the day, a kid lost her life. now we are all asking the important question, did she have to? It appears we are divided on the answer to the question.
          Regardless, it is tragic when a person loses their life.

  3. We’re done asking this question in 2021.


  4. I Don’t agree, from what I see this Cop jumped out the car, didn’t even process WTFs going on, raised his gun at the first “threat” he saw, gave a WEAK ASS barely heard “Get down” AND FIRED!!!! That girl didn’t stab anyone! People grab knifes all the time to Frighten the opponent (opponents in this case) again if the Mother Fucker had took more then 3 secs to look at what’s going on he’d have see that shit! Old, Senile sounding Ass! You suppose to have SOME POWER in your commands! He shot her MORE times then he said to get down! With his non-presence commanding ass, that girl prolly ain’t even know he was there! Ugh

    1. ^ in the video,
      her hand was cocked back about to stab the girl in the pink.

      the officer did not need to kill her BUT someone was going to die or be seriously hurt in this situation.

  5. I 110% agree Jamari, yes the cop could’ve tased her, however they’re trained to combat violent weapons with the same and unfortunately they look at a knife on the same playing field as a gun!

    Teach your kids to just WALK AWAY!! If you pay attention to the video there are adults watching the fight like wtf these are some different parents from when I was a kid!

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